U Ani Polish Restaurant

Hi guys! This week my sister, AW, is featured on ayamstuffed! She recently went to a Polish restaurant and was very excited to share her experience. I’m glad to be able to feature someone else as that takes Chubbydija out of commission for a week. 😀 Her words: “At first I was just going to take some pictures and ask you if you liked them but after eating, I was like ohh, I definitely have to tell Dija about this.”. Without further ado…

So while at the gym on Friday, I was sweet-talked into joining a group of friends to try out a meal at a Polish restaurant (I don’t exactly like new foods, I prefer to stick to my rice and pasta). They were really convincing and I thought “Why not give it a go?”. To be really honest though, I was scared the food was going to be the complete opposite of what I normally ate. After several workouts and a bit of dressing up, we arrived at the restaurant only to find out it was fully booked – it’s quite small plus it was Valentine’s day. As we had already thought about that, we immediately left for our second option, a normal diner. As our luck would have it though, we were called back after taking a couple of steps out of the place.

The restaurant is called Polish Restaurant U Ani. It is really small and cosy which gave it a homely feel.




I had breaded chicken fillet with cheese, mashed potatoes and red fried rice. The chicken was really tasty with just the right amount of flavour and softness. The cheese on it gave it that extra heavenly taste and it was just pure goodness. As for the potatoes, they were properly mashed and seasoned and it just blended so well with the chicken and felt so succulent in my mouth. The red fried rice for me tasted exactly like what we Nigerians call Jollof rice. It was also well prepared and flavoured (I would have loved it to have a bit more chilli though).



Don’t you love it when this happens??

The potatoes came later in a different plate and I forgot to take a picture.

I was very satisfied after the meal. It was way better than I had expected it to be which I’m very glad for. So, will I go back again? A definite YES! Especially for the chicken, everything I ate in fact. I left there a very happy person, even the rain couldn’t stop my happiness.

My friend’s meal was the same as mine except that she had beetroot salad in hers and I had cheese on my chicken with rice.


For those of you in the UK, the restaurant is located at 73 West Street, Boston Lincolnshire PE21 8QZ.

You can follow AW on twitter at @aisha_williams. Feel free to share this post (and other posts) and leave a comment! 🙂


5 thoughts on “U Ani Polish Restaurant

  1. Seriously Khadija!???? Seriously!! Th way I was so ready to ask for th address after reading it!only to get that end note..’for those of u in th UK…!’ argh! Killing me here!that food sounds divine! Don’t do this to me again! Seriously!what do I do now? 😀

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