Good food, good company. O’Galito at Pavilion KL

Is it possible to go to IKEA and leave empty handed? You will at least feel the need to buy that lint remover.


Anyway, this post isn’t about lint. It’s about one of the best meals I’ve had to date.


On our way to IKEA, Hope decided to call up another friend (who shall be known as Mr. Latecomer) of ours to hang out with us after IKEA. The plan was to meet up at Pavilion mall at 9 pm. Mr. Latecomer arrived at about 11:45pm. Punishment? Paying for dinner. Teehee.


I ordered the Calzone and Hope had the Aglio Olio pasta, again, but this time with shrimp. Now, the Calzone was under the pizza menu so I had completely forgotten that it wasn’t exactly a ‘pizza’. My memory was jolted when it arrived.


The Calzone was to come with turkey ham, onions, mozzarella, tomatoes and mushroom. I like trying out pizza wherever they’re served as they are usually clean-tasting (I’m looking at you Pizza Hut). Some people find it very weird but us bread lovers cant be helped. The calzone looked very beautiful! I could smell the olive oil from it. Glorious!


It was soo good! Everything tasted fresh! I’m not a fan of chilli but the subtle chilli flavour blended well with everything. The soft, chewy dough, the soft mushrooms! Ahh, bliss! If you’re not a fan of onions, this is not the dish for you as you will spend time taking them out. The freshness of the meal really struck a chord with me. Gosh!


We had to thank the chef for the great cooking. He said he had been in Singapore for like 5/6 years before he came to Malaysia. He was also a good host; walking around the restaurant as if to make sure everything was okay and checking in with the guests.


O’Galito’s is a little bit pricy but factoring in the quality (and quantity of my food, I couldn’t finish it), it was worth it. The chef has love in his hands!


After we were done eating, Mr. Latecomer finally arrived and then we had dessert while he decided to have a pint of beer. That pint though…


For dessert, I had the pannacotta. When it came, I was underwhelmed. I was expecting something interesting. It had a tart raspberry sauce on the top and a cream pudding, which I liked. It tasted okay, not very interesting. Nice presentation though.



Conversation flowed! We reminisced about high school days and all the trouble we got into. I learnt that secondary school in Ghana and Nigeria are pretty similar. H, who’s from Botswana, was horrified at our stories.

It was a pretty fun day; good food, good company. Win.

I would definitely recommend this place! 😀

Lint remover image from here.

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Want to make your own Calzone? Click here!


4 thoughts on “Good food, good company. O’Galito at Pavilion KL

  1. Almost fainted thinking Ikea food was receiving a good review. You recommend this for my bucket list? The human touch always adds spice to any meal experience. Thumbs up, chef!
    The dessert doesn’t look as forgettable as you’ve described it. Great review.
    Well done. Keep it up.

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