Dinner at Shook!

I woke up this morning, thanks to Allah, and I did not want to go anywhere. My alarm annoyed me! Didn’t help that I was awake all night. But somehow, as I was brushing, I decided to go on with my plans.

As I was making my way to Pavilion, I started dreading my usual line: “Table for one”. Yup, I eat alone a lot. Do I have friends? Of course. Why didn’t I call them? I don’t have a good answer yet. Besides, it was a good reason to start reading that book… Now, how do I take pictures of my food??

When I got there I noticed that it was very posh! I kinda felt out of my element. But then, I told myself, “You can do this. You have manners. You can do this!”

(photo from the Starhill Gallery website)

Next thing! The menu! They need to have different menus for each cuisine! There were so many choices! This is because there are several kitchens, at least from what I observed. They have Western, Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. So much to choose from! Some guy must have seen me confused and walked up to me suggesting stuff. Mind you, I’m very wary when people do this. I feel like they’ll make me buy the most expensive thing off the menu.

I finally decided to order dancing prawns (appetizer), steamed rice, black pepper beef and carrot juice. I did not want to order things I had already eaten before but yo, I love me some black pepper and prawns.

First of all they gave me what I believe to be complementary bread. Have I told you how much I love bread (Well, pastry in general)? That’s a story for another time. There were four slices of warm, soft bread; two wheat slices and two fruit slices. I only had one of each though, watching my weight. Hehe. I enjoyed the bread, especially the fruit bread (DUH!),

Food crop

(The bread. Not a very good picture, food photography skills are a work in progress.)

I have had black pepper beef before but this was different. The taste wasn’t as strong as the ones I’ve eaten in mamaks or other local food stalls/shops. The beef was very tender. So tender it almost melt in your mouth. I dunno if it was the two handfuls of cashew nuts (something else I love) I had earlier, but I was full after this meal. And I think I ate everything in under 20 minutes. X_X. I decided to not have the dancing prawns because after polishing off the rice and beef, I was stuffed. It also helped that the waiter did not include it in my order…

2014-01-27 20.01.26

(Main course: black pepper beef. Somehow, I forgot to take a picture of the rice AND my drink, *sigh*)

The carrot juice had a very weird colour though and it was too watery in my opinion.

Price-wise, one must know that Shook! is a fine dining restaurant so it is very expensive. Going to a place like TGIF or Tony Romas, one would spend about RM25 per person. At Shook!, expect to spend 3 or 4 times that amount. But the food is gooood! I’m still dreaming of it as I write this. *sigh*

There you have it. I would definitely recommend Shook! to anyone. It would be a good place for special occasions or just that odd night out.

Looking for a stir fry recipe similar to mine, check out this post!


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      1. Well then, there’s an option of where I could take someone for Valentine’s this year! U jus made my life a little easier!

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