A Rainy Day at H&H Continental

I was very impressed when I entered the restaurant, not because of the decor (which is not bad) but because there was someone to meet us as we entered. Then almost immediately, a very polite person brought our menu. This is note-worthy as a lot of waiters in Nigerian restaurants act like you’re forcing them to do their job. You don’t have to work as a waiter and even if you were forced to work there, suck it up and smile. (Chubby Dija here: I know, I know, it’s easier said than done.). The menu wasn’t extensive which was weird, for a restaurant in Nigeria, but I liked that. There will be less of the “We don’t have it.” mantra of Nigerian restaurants. We were then given hot towels to wipe our hands with. If H&H Continental continue like this, I bet they will get a lot of loyal customers just for the quality of their service alone.

H&H Continental

After perusing the menu, I ordered chicken in cashew nut sauce and egg fried rice while D ordered shredded beef with green pepper sauce with egg fried rice as well. I’m a very indecisive person and it took a bit of time for me to settle on what I wanted, as it almost always does. My friends can testify to this. It was good that the waitress taking our order knew what dishes would complement each other as I had wanted to order fries with the sauce and that, may have led to regret.

Our orders came and we realized that they have big portions; big enough that I took half of my order home. The food was served in two bowls and something about the way they were served just exuded warmth.

The egg fried rice tasted like your regular run-of-the-mill egg fried rice; it would have benefitted from more salt too.

Egg Fried Rice H&H

The chicken sauce was slightly spicy and flavourful. Keep in mind that spicy food to me may not be spicy to you. At all. It was a good sauce for the cold weather. The different additions to the sauce, carrots, cashew nuts, mushrooms and peppers, added their own flavours to the dish.

Chicken sauce H&H

Ayamstuffed's order H&H

The shredded beef with green pepper sauce was a good one too; tasty and full of flavour. I don’t remeber any complains from Miss D!

Shredded beef with green pepper H&H

For those who would like to dine without the staring eyes of others, there’s a private dining section towards the back of the restaurant. This could also be beneficial to breastfeeding mothers.

Private dining section H&H


This place is definitely worth more visits.

H&H Continental is located at 18 Blantyre Crescent, off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. They also deliver! So if you’re too busy, just give them a call.

If you’d rather  make the chicken in cashew nut sauce yourself, check out this recipe. The shredded beef? I gotchu! I have a feeling you can skip some of the ingredients in this one if you don’t have them. Enjoy!



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