I went to Thai Thai

thai thai

(photo from hungrygowhere.my)

A couple of days ago, I had a meal (What meal comes between lunch and dinner? :D) at Thai Thai with a friend. Thai Thai, as you must have guessed from the name, is a Thai restaurant. I went to the one in Sunway Pyramid as it’s the one closest to me.

It was about 4 pm so it was pretty much empty which I liked. The restaurant has a modern vibe and that stood out of place to me. I mean, it’s a Thai restaurant in a foreign country, I want to feel like I’m in Thailand when I walk in. The menu was written in Thai with translations in English for us non Thai Language speakers. There was also what I believe to be Thai music playing.


Pretty much empty.

I ordered Choo Chee Goong Maenam – river prawns with red curry paste and coconut cream – as my main dish. The curry paste was not distinguishable from the coconut cream (that was what I was expecting -.-). It was also too peppery for me (I have a very low threshold for peppery foods which people find very funny seeing as I’m Yoruba (a Nigerian tribe) and we are supposed to be able to handle ridiculous amounts of pepper (chilli) in our foods). After a while I was basically gulping the food and not chewing it. My nose was runny and sweaty. And to think that I told the waiter that I did not want spicy food. *sigh* What is it with these waiters? Don’t get me wrong though, runny nose aside, the prawns were very nice. The curry didn’t overpower the coconut cream and the sauce was buttery.

King prawns



These were the prawns and were they big! The menu said two pieces so I automatically assumed that I would have to order more food (this was essentially my breakfast, don’t judge me), I did not know that they would be this big. I felt that the best way to enjoy them was to take the prawn meat out of their shells and unto the plate that had my rice (which the waiter forgot to bring. These waiters…).



Now I was ready to unleash my hungry self.

I also ordered Poh Piah Thod which basically translates to spring rolls. The spring rolls were terrible. I did not like them one bit. They tasted like rubber. I realized later that it was probably because they had glass noodles. I hate noodles.

2014-02-05 16.10.40

Or maybe it was the strand of hair I found in my plate…

hair ugh

I know we are all humans and make mistakes but aren’t some things unacceptable at restaurants?? Returned it and didn’t even get an apology.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t eat alone (I told you I have friends). My friend had some rice dish and fish cakes and didn’t seem to have any issues with them. We both took our appetizers (fish cakes and spring rolls) home as we were already full by the time we were done with our main courses. I have to add that the spring rolls are still sitting in my fridge, :(.

Rice dish2

The rice mold had been destroyed before I was able to get a decent picture.

fish cakes


These were the fish cakes.

Thai Thai is not a fussy restaurant. It would be good for a get-together with friends or a place to stop by to eat after shopping (or walking around the mall aimlessly). Price -wise, I would say it’s affordable, depending on what you eat. They would definitely have to improve on service though (at least in the Sunway Pyramid outlet). I thought when you had a ‘party’ eating at a restaurant, their food arrived at the same time (assuming they ordered at the same time)? Also, shouldn’t appetizers arrive before the main dishes? Finally,  finding hair in ones food is NEVER acceptable.

Looking for more Thai food? Check out this post.

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12 thoughts on “I went to Thai Thai

  1. The fish cakes look exactly like Akara, lol. And The prawns are not so big after you took it out of the shell so rice was certainly a good idea. But it looks delish tho. Yum

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