The Surprise Dinner at 10Binjai


I didn’t wake up on Tuesday morning thinking I was going to have material for a blog post. I thought my next post would be about food that I had eaten at Cameron Highlands (coming soon). In fact, I had not slept. I had woken up at 5 pm the previous day and because I had a meeting at 10 am, I dared not go back to sleep. Anyway, fast forward about 2 hours, this gentle man walks into my cousin’s office and invites us to dinner at the hotel he manages. Boy, was I (Chubbydija) happy! I was getting a free meal to blog about. Woop woop! Thank God!

The restaurant we ate at is called 10Binjai. I had grilled salmon which was served with pomegranate, beetroots, and potatoes with a chili hollandaise sauce. The salmon was very tasty and flaky, it was properly cooked! The potatoes were not overcooked and I loved that they were ‘bite-sized’. There was also asparagus which I don’t really like. The fitness buff (aka the manager) who was having the same meal as I was, had his sauce served separately and he was just barely scraping the surface of his sauce, making me feel like a fatty. 😦


Nice presentation. This is what my food looked like.

another angle

Another angle.


Do you see the hollandaise sauce in that tiny bowl? And he hardly used it. 😥

I also had the apple pie for dessert (takeaway) because Mr. Azrel insisted (Nope, it had nothing to do with the fact that the fatty in me wanted that apple pie!!). Unfortunately, the ice-cream had already melted by the time I got home. I put both pie and ice-cream in the fridge for breakfast. 😀

PNB Dessert

Apple pie. I would have preferred more chocolate sauce on it though.

Now, I’m not a fan of refrigerating food. I’d rather eat it fresh but there was nothing I could do since I was already full. I suspect that that may have changed the taste of the apple pie before I was able to eat it. I couldn’t really taste the chocolate sauce and the filling was a little too sweet. I would say the pie looked better than it tasted. It was definitely too sweet. The chocolate sauce started to kick in when I was almost done. I wasn’t a fan of this pie.

Will I go back to 10Binjai to eat? Definitely! I am now a fan of that grilled salmon and I would not mind having it over and over again!

10Binjai is located at the PNB Darby Park Executive Suites.

(First picture from the PNB Darby Park Executive Suites website)


9 thoughts on “The Surprise Dinner at 10Binjai

  1. Hi Khadija! Glad to know there are others who eat dessert for breakfast. My early morning favorite is ice cream : ) Your post on Thai Thai also resonated with me. I don’t like a lot of heat in my food, either. The irony in my case is that true Cajun food is usually not hot at all, but the expectation is there because of what is passed off as “Cajun” food in restaurants. Thanks for following me. I’ll be following you too. I so enjoy seeing what goes on in other parts of the world!

    1. Thanks for following! Dessert for breakfast is the truth. I thought Cajun food (Jambalaya is Cajun right?) was supposed to be spicy as well. Thankfully I’ve found someone who can help dispel that rumour. 🙂

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