Cameron Highlands & T’s (or The Lord’s) Café

Sometime last week I visited Cameron Highlands which is in the state of Pahang in Malaysia. I stayed in a hotel in Brinchang, which I believe is located in the heart of the town. Compared to Kuala Lumpur, the weather is very cool (cold for me) in Cameron Highlands. I didn’t need to use the fan when I went to bed and there really is no need for air conditioners (in my opinion) as it’s cool all day and cold at night.

Cameron highlands is known for it’s tea plantations and strawberry farms. It is also known for the rafflesia sighting. The rafflesia is allegedly the largest flower in the world! I was very happy that I got to see it as it’s seasonal and takes 5 years to bloom.

2014-02-14 11.44.37 2014-02-14 11.39.21

The picture on the left is the rafflesia bulb while the one on the right is the fully grown flower (Some of my friends thought it was the ugliest flower they’d ever seen). The flower stays in bloom for a maximum of 7 days before it dies so it really is a once in a lifetime (?) opportunity and definitely worth the 2 hour uphill trek it took to get to its location. This was the state of my sneakers at the end of the trek:

2014-02-14 14.52.00

Now, the food. This time around, I’m not blogging about proper food. I had read online that one has to absolutely visit The Lord’s Cafe (Located in Tanah Rata, about 15 minutes away from Brinchang) and try their scones and strawberry cheesecake. Having a sweet tooth, you know I had to try it. 😀

I was very skeptical about trying the scone because I was afraid of ‘The Hype’. You know. When people rave about a particular thing so much that it loses its appeal. But that wasn’t the case with the scone. The scone was buttery and sweet (a bit too sweet though (what is happening??)). It was served with strawberry jam but I could eat it without the jam. I didn’t feel like the strawberry jam added anything special to it.  The scone was pretty much perfect on its own. I didn’t like that it was ‘brittle’ though, a little too crumbly for my liking.

Scone side view

I immediately wasn’t a fan of the cheesecake. It was too milky and it tasted like there was some sort of spice in it as well. It had a weird spicy, condensed milk taste. I guess the good thing it had going for it was that it had the texture of a cheesecake; smooth and creamy with a crumbly biscuit base. The top ‘fruit’ layer didn’t taste like any fruit I have ever eaten.

Strawberry cheesecake


The only thing I liked about it was the crumbly biscuit base. 
(You might want to ask for T’s Cafe as the locals still call it that.)

17 thoughts on “Cameron Highlands & T’s (or The Lord’s) Café

  1. I could tell that scone would crumble before u even mentioned it!not a fan of pastries and sweet stuff tho so…I do like th info abt th flower!it was a once in a life time experience!kinda jealous actually! And yes its ugly tho! 😛

  2. That flower is f..king ugly. Cant believe you wasted 2 hours (another 2hours to get to your base, making 4hrs) of your time to go see that. Was it just for pictures or you were allowed to pluck them or something?… Your shoes tho Lol… The cheesecake looks like something I would want to try though, but with your review,…

  3. You saw the Almighty Rafflesia! I am black with envy! If you went to Cameron Highlands for the food alone, you wouldn’t have been very happy, would you? I wonder, how many of the seven billion inhabitants of planet earth have seen the Rafflesia? A pretty special experience. I hear it has a very nasty smell. Is that true?

  4. Am I the only one who thinks the flower is cute? It’s cute and unique. Ur shoes are def telling on that trek. I’m jealous!!!!!! Y dint we do this when I was there? *sobbing……. The cheesecake looks very yummy. Good job, keep them coming 🙂

  5. By the way, did you touch the flower?
    If you visit the Kew Royal Botanic Garden site, you will find that Rafflesia is described as the corpse flower; this is on account of its offensive odour.

  6. Can’t reconcile d bulb and d full blown flower . D bulb sure looks UUGly. Nice write up about d particularly d right use of words to describe d each food ! BRAVO! Pls take more of such walks. It cancels out d result of ur sweet tooth. You know what I mean!

  7. I think the rafflesia blossoms once in a couple of years, the famous corpse odor is said to occurs during this period. It causes quite the pukefest I hear…

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