Homemade apple pie and cookies (+ another chin chin batch).

I’ve always wondered if cooks/chefs on tv lie about the taste of whatever it is they cook on their shows. I mean, not EVERY meal one makes is perfect. Even the ones we’re used to making.

This week’s post involves food made with whole wheat flour. Since I love pastries so much, using whole wheat flour seemed like  a healthier alternative. I don’t know how much healthier the pastries are to be honest. 😛

I had been wanting to make apple turnovers (thank you Once Upon A Time) but the recipes kept calling for store bought refrigerated puff pastry which I wanted to avoid. As a result, I had to make a pie instead. As usual, I mostly eyeballed the recipes I referred to (cookinandshootin, allrecipes.com). I also did not use all the ingredients stated.

I used white flour and whole wheat flour for the apple pie crust. After I had prepared the dough, I realized I did not have a pan suitable to bake a pie in. Classic case of leaping before you look. Thankfully, my trusty mug was there to save the day. The mug made a good mould.

Trusty mug
Trusty mug

I refrigerated the apple pie and I must say that although it was slightly salty, it was delicious! The saltiness of the dough and the sweetness of the filling (which was also slightly salty) were in harmony.


pie top


A mug is a good enough mold!

Since I made too much dough for the pie, I used what was left of it to make cookies. The bag that contained the whole-wheat flour came with a cookie recipe so I just followed that. I also added some semi sweet Van Houten chocolate (I think it was the baking chocolate).


The cookies were salty but the chocolate helped; chocolate and salt are obviously a good combination. They tasted better after I had refrigerated them. They were very good; hard outside, soft inside. They were also dry, but not in a bad way. I plan to make more of this!


Finally, my chin chin which was made with whole wheat flour.  The chin chin was soft all through. My friend said it tasted like biscuits. Nobody complained about the choice of flour used. Win!

Chin chin!
Chin chin!

The steps are shown below:

Back left: dough. Back right: rolled out dough cut into strips. Top center: cubes

Compared to the previous chin chin batch that I’ve made, this batch has a slightly different colour and a very strong whole wheat flour presence similar to wheat bread.

The inspiration to make all these came at about 3 am! The things boredom can do! It’s never too late to cook I guess. 🙂

Any suggestions on what I should eat next?


9 thoughts on “Homemade apple pie and cookies (+ another chin chin batch).

  1. Looking forward to tasting a batch of the biscuity chin-chin.
    I will be recommending your mug and “saucer” for some award. Can’t think of which one. I may have to invent it.
    I am sure you’ll be trying to make a less salty apple pie, right.
    Like the pictures. Well done.
    Keep ’em coming.

  2. This is stinginess in disguise, how can you make just one apple pie?…Looks yummy though. By the way, is it not normal for the mug to break in extreme heat?…
    Someone is in love with too much salt. LOL

    1. Funny thing is, I don’t like salt! I put as little as possible in my food. I don’t know how the food was salty this time around.

      Haha, thanks a lot though. If I have guests around, I might make pies for them too. Or we’ll just share one. 😀

      Ceramics are supposed to grow stronger in heat which is why I assume the mug remains intact.

  3. Yes!I love ribs and I want to try a place called ribs by vintry..a review would be nice if possible! Btw, why is everything always salty to you!? Lol!

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