Tip for a Rainy Day – Afternoon Tea at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

This post is two weeks late! Ahhh!

What should you do on a cold rainy day? You should wake up late, get to Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa and have afternoon tea! This was my breakfast. At 5 pm. 😀 Afternoon tea for breakfast? 😎

Lobby Lounge
Lobby Lounge

Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa serves English afternoon tea daily from 2.30 pm until 6.00 pm in its lobby lounge. The lobby lounge is very exquisitely furnished with large armchairs, couches, coffee tables and centre tables. It is ideal for a casual outing with friends or a nice business lunch. It also features a lovely view!

Lobby Lounge
Lobby Lounge

The afternoon tea comes with a choice of tea and pastries. I’m not a tea person but I love mint so I ordered mint tea. It had a very subtle, sweet aftertaste. I had a cold and it was a rainy day so tea was a suitable beverage to have. I didn’t add any sugar to it as I was going to have sweet pastries.

Pastries served
Pastries served


The scone, which was dusted with sugar, was very sweet. It was dry on the outside and was warm and soft on the inside. It was served with whipped cream and jam. It wasn’t bad on its own though. The jam had a strawberry in it which I liked. I didn’t like that the strawberry was uncharacteristically sweet though. 


The sandwich I was served was toppled over which i thought was unacceptable. It was made using white bread which I don’t usually eat. It was filled with tomatoes, what I think was lettuce and some sauce I couldn’t identify. It wasn’t a bad sandwich but I though it could be better.

The Toppled Sandwich
The Toppled Sandwich

A tuna burger was also served but I don’t like tuna so I didn’t eat it. Bite sized burgers are supposed to be cute right? This burger kind of reminds me of airplane food (read: Doesn’t look fresh. :/)


Next ‘pastry’ I ate was the smoked salmon sandwich with caviar. This sandwich was good! Like really good! It was a very simple sandwich, but really good. The salmon and the bread were in harmony. I wanted to hate it as I’m not a fan of fish, but this was good! I think I shall also give caviar a go next time I get an opportunity to eat it. 🙂


This was probably the least attractive layer cake I’d ever seen. It looked dry but was surprisingly moist to the taste. It tasted like coffee. I expected it to be too sweet but it was just fine.


Next was a soft cake that was sweet. That’s it. All that glitters is not… Wait, that saying applies to food too right?

The 'Nothing Memorable' cake
The ‘Nothing Memorable’ cake

We shall call this next cake  ‘Nothing Memorable 2point0’.  The milk chocolate on top of it was creamy. I thought it was the same cake as ‘Nothing Memorable’  but with cream and jam in the middle. On the plus side, it’s a very pretty cake, no?


Finally, I ate the chocolate cake. The white chocolate on top of it tasted a bit weird. This cake had chocolate cream on the top and that was the star of the cake. Without it, the cake would have been dry. It was however a good combination as, overall,  the cake was just right. 🙂 This was another afternoon tea high for me.


As for service, I didn’t like the lady that served me. She just dropped everything on the table haphazardly. Another waiter came by to clear the plates and he was pleasant. All the waiters should be pleasant. Another low for me was that cheesecake wasn’t served. I don’t know if it’s an afternoon tea staple but part of the beauty of food is freedom. They should include cheesecake. 🙄


Overall impression, I was too excited for this. I expected more and frankly, I was disappointed. I don’t want to think of food and be sad… On the upside, the lobby lounge had a very nice ambiance. It was quiet, very relaxing and very nicely furnished. It’s a good place to read a book or go to with friends. Also, after I arranged it to my liking, the presentation wasn’t bad.  

This afternoon tea will cost you RM37.10 which I think is a bit overpriced.


I must add that it’s not a very filling meal so you might still be hungry afterwards. :). Poster from here.


10 thoughts on “Tip for a Rainy Day – Afternoon Tea at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

  1. Uarilystuffed! Haba! All that food! How did you walk back home? I mean, roll back home.
    Great review. I am sure nobody will sacked though.

  2. Must say I’m surprised you tried all those cakes!small or not that’s so much sugar in one sitting!my face would definitely complain in th next few days! And I’m surprised nothing memorable 2.0 was not memorable!looked yummy! Also rm37 for all those cakes plus sandwiches and tea!I think it’s a pretty good deal! Do you choose th cakes yourself from a list or they jus give u whatever is on th menu that day?

  3. Sorry am late in reading this piece nd d odas before it. Really love the look of the lobby and as u pointed out the view looks real great! I also like the array of cakes. They look very very inviting nd yummy except that they all were not as great tasting as they looked would have given anything to try them all out? Can imagine them not filling especially if u are hungry nd looking fwdd to a FOOD nd not IPAPANU(snacks)

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