Chicken enchiladas

This was not the post I intended to put up this week but alas, plans change. I’m also using my phone so if it looks weird, you know why. Besides, it has been sitting in my drafts folder for about a month now, so why not post it?

Bon appetit! 🙂

A trip to Cold Storage (grocery store) got me a free magazine in which a recipe for chicken enchiladas was written. And boy, am I glad? I can probably survive on this forever as the chicken can be used for various things. I’m also not a big meat lover so this works perfectly and is so easy to make.

As I usually adapt everything (read: eyeball) to my own taste, the quantities I used were different from what the recipe called for. The recipe was originally for beef but I decided to use chicken instead so that may have resulted in me needing to use more or less spices.

For instance, I used less cheese. The recipe called for 1kg of beef but I used 400g of minced chicken. I also felt like, for 1kg of beef, the spices were not enough. At first I rationed the spices accordingly but I felt like I had to add more after tasting. I had some leftover parsley, so I added that. Instead of salt I used a lemon and black pepper seasoning. I didn’t heat up my wraps in oil. The thought of doing that makes me cringe to be honest. The recipe also called for the addition of sugar. I don’t think I would ever add sugar to beef/chicken… :/

After the chicken sauce was cooked, I put some of it in the wraps together with some cheese and popped it in the oven for some time. Below are the steps.
My trusty spices and the tomato sauce I used.


I like my wraps crispy hence the brown edges of the wraps.


To make a more interesting wrap, vegetables can be added. I have used bell pepper and cucumber.

It tasted good! The cumin gave it a boost! The spices meshed to give a great tasting wrap. When the cheese first hit, it was shocking but I got used to it. This chicken sauce has become a regular for me. 😀 Alhamdulillah that it all came together.

The chicken can also be used as a sauce for pasta. I have also eaten it with quinoa. I preferred it with the pasta though. With the quinoa, you can’t really tell that there’s chicken in it.


I have decided to open Instagram and twitter accounts for this blog. The handle for both pages is ‘@ayamstuffed’. Please follow! I may be posting other foodtastic adventures that may not make it to the blog.


3 thoughts on “Chicken enchiladas

  1. First, I must say your handset makes good pictures. Secondly, how does the chicken make good sauce?
    Looks so good I may be tempted to start eating chicken. Looks like jollof something.

  2. I make a lot of sauces like this but I always eat them with bread so th wraps wil be a nice change!thanks for th idea!

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