Yellow Chilli, Lagos

I’ve always liked Yellow Chilli. I went there for the first time about 6 years ago and I have fond memories of it. A not so fond memory was when I had ordered fried king prawns and my cousins preferred my meal to theirs and I HAD to share… Being a bigger cousin wasn’t appealing that day. I’ve also come to learn that the trick with eating out is to order safe meals i.e. meals that are local to the region, a specialty of the restaurant or just easy to make so you’re not disappointed.

While you wait...
While you wait…

Anyway, a not so long time ago, I went to Yellow Chilli with my mum. It had been a long day and we pretty much had not eaten throughout the day.


I ordered prawns with fried yam strips. The prawns come with an option of either fries (yam or potato) or rice which I liked.  Apart from the saltiness, the yam was good (preferred the yam here!). The prawn sauce was tasty but salty; the chewy prawns made up for that. It was also pepperless (you Nigerian folks can yimu at this) which was perfect for me.

prawns and fried yam
prawns and fried yam

Do you see the meager veggies on the side?

My date had amala and efo riro. She said the efo riro was salty and peppery but good! The portion was huge with a serving enough for three people! At least you know you’re getting your money’s worth. The amala was well prepared and my mum “loved the slightly bitter taste”.

Amala (leftt) and efo riro. Amala is also made from yam, yam peels.
Amala (leftt) and efo riro. Amala is also made from yam, yam peels.

Yellow Chilli has two dining levels. I would advise that you eat on the lower level. The service wasn’t bad; the manager checking with the guests was a nice touch.

Would I go back? Definitely!

photo 2


Yellow Chilli is located on 27 Oju Olobun Close off Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Craving some efo? I have a simple recipe for efo on the blog! Click here.


I recently went to Yellow Chilli with my mum and a friend, her mum and brother. It was their first time and I have a feeling that it will take serious convincing to get them to go there again. The service this time was terrible! We were fasting and had arrived ready to eat. We made our orders and our drinks were brought to us in a short time. Our food however took about 45 mins to NEVER get to us. There was a couple who came after us and they got their food before us. I don’t know what was wrong with their service on that day.

To make matters worse they didn’t care to find out what the matter was as we WALKED OUT! We ended up going to Jade Palace on Adeola Odeku and had a lovely, late dinner.



4 thoughts on “Yellow Chilli, Lagos

  1. Nice piece as usual. Just wonder if u get any form of appreciation ie a free meal or discount for ALL D PR u do for these eateries cos there is no greater endorsement than dat from a customer. Well done nd hope u are enjoying urself nd Nija in all Her Elements nd Glory. Cheers

  2. My own experience with Yellow Chilli was actually fantastic. The staffs were smart and the services provider were good.
    I will surely recommend them.

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