The Beautiful Colours of Rosa Negra Barcelona

Just as we had to have macarons in Paris, we had to have Spanish (somewhat) food in Barcelona! (Sidenote: I want to move to Barcelona!)

Beautiful La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi
La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi
When we got to Rosa Negra, it was practically empty. We did go to eat at about 5 pm after all. Our order, tacos all round,  did not take a long time to get to us which was great. We were also served two sauces that we could have done without.  They didn’t exactly add to the taste of the meal.

For a timely service, the tacos weren’t served hot. They should usually be served warm and I don’t remember if they were warm when they got to us. The meal was also very cheap (One reason why I love Barcelona!). For drinks, Loyin and I had  piña coladas while Maryam and Anya ordered juice. The small bottle of juice was a bit ridiculous.
 more seatsseats
One thing I’ve noticed when I order chicken in restaurants is that the chicken isn’t properly marinated. All the flavour is usually on the skin, which I may not eat, or on the surface. As a result, I expected a not-so-tasty chicken tortilla but it turned out nice! The tasteful chunks of chicken had been grilled properly; my tastebuds were happy. The tortillas were made with corn and I loved them!
For some reason, I had been thinking we were going to get tortilla chips! I was so glad that wasn’t the case.
From top: beef, chicken, beef tacos
From top: grilled beef, chicken, slow cooked beef tacos
Our tacos were made with chicken, slow cooked beef and grilled beef fillings with the chicken tacos served with guacamole. So far, guacamole is the only way I can knowingly eat avocados. The beef tacos were served with other kinds of salsa. (Ahem, salsa means sauce. You’re welcome! :P)
I just love how colourful this place is!
I just love how colourful this place is!
Do you see how lovely the decor is??
Rosa Negra can be located at Via Laietana, 46, 08003 Barcelona, Spain.
There’s free wifi!

11 thoughts on “The Beautiful Colours of Rosa Negra Barcelona

  1. The pictures of this posting are working their way to divine. With some lighting, I suspect I would have bought a ticket to Spain; just to see.
    No fish?

  2. Why on earth would anyone ever avoid avocados!??? They are divine!!! You are missing out! That food looks scrumptious and th way you described how th marinade had gone all th way in adds to th awesomeness of those pics and this post! Did u ask what was th idea behind th decor? Chairs on top of cabinets and flip flops on walls..? It’s unique and pretty but odd.. Hopefully there is an interesting story behind it…

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