Ora, Mykonos Island

This next post comes to you from Mykonos Island! Not literally… Anyway, one thing I noticed was that the Greek have very big portions and I like that.
This restaurant review is of Ora Restaurant in Mykonos Island. Two things can be said about Ora –> Great presentation and good food!

And this is one of the reasons why.


M had the tabuleh and she said it was very good!  Even better than tabuleh she had eaten in Dubai. For a Lebanese salad all the way in Greece, that’s saying something. *thumbs up*

Tabuleh. Simple and tasty.
Tabuleh. Simple and tasty.

L2 ordered octopus and didn’t need to tell me that it was good because he gobbled it up before I was done taking pictures! I was urged to try it (being a food blogger, my friends think I should try everything) but I didn’t think it was time to expand my palate to octopus yet.


I enjoyed my meal. There was a vegetable salad made with cucumber, red peppers and carrots in a sauce I could not identify. It was good and I enjoyed its tartness. The shrimps were cooked properly too; the only turn off was that they had not been deveined.


There were a side of fries that I didn’t order. I had initially wanted to swap the rice that came with my meal for fries so I guess the waiter made a mistake with the order. The fries were sprinkled with herbs which I thought was a nice touch. That upped the appeal for me.

There will be no marks for presentation!

Apparently what I thought was cucumber in the salad was zucchini.

The night ended on a good note as L decided to entertain us. She had taken some medication and was very drowsy. What ensued was pure gold.



11 thoughts on “Ora, Mykonos Island

  1. Let me congratulate u on ur nominations nd to encourage u to keep keeping on. U are doing a great job. I agree with ur friends dat for u to remain on top of d game,u must expand or train ur tastebud to experiment on all dishes u are coming accross for d first time. Well done.

  2. When do we get to read about the golden performance? What is that first dish served in? I hear Mykonos is not really pocket friendly. How was the service?

    1. It’s a giant seashell!
      Compared to Athens, Mykonos is more expensive. It’s probably one of the most expensive islands too, from what we heard.
      Let me not reduce Loyin’s bride price!

  3. Urghhh u didn’t talk about the Seafood Pasta in the massive sea shell…that was absolutely my best meal in mykonos…

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