Burger and Lobster

My first time at Burger and Lobster was over a year ago and I absolutely had to go again. I had told Loyin that the next time I was in town, I absolutely had to go. So, I absolutely had to go. It was very important. Absolutely important.


When we got there, it was dinner time therefore the restaurant was full. Thank God, the waiting time was not very long. While waiting for a table, we sat down at the bar and sipped our drinks while I played Temple Run (Chubby Dija here: She’s a pro Temple Runner!). We were then summoned to our table. Our orders came about 10 minutes after we sat down, big plus.


Burger and Lobster has only three items on its menu; Lobster, Lobster roll and a Burger. Why would you go to a Lobster place and order a burger that’s not made of lobster meat though? (Okay, I know there are many answers to this question but you get my point. -_-)

My first time at Burger and Lobster, I ordered a lobster so this time I decided to get the lobster roll. Ms. Loyin had to order a lobster, again. She has said that she will try the lobster roll one day. One day. When you order the lobster, you have to crack open the legs in order to get to the meat and I’m not a fan of that but it’s worth it. Especially when paired with that lovely garlic butter sauce. Worth it.

This is from my first visit
This is from my first visit


From the second visit

The lobster meat in the lobster roll tasted too fishy on its own but with the garlic butter sauce, it was amazing. The fact that the sauce has  garlic in it might put some of you off but the sauce wasn’t garlicky. The fishy taste was perfectly masked and one could enjoy the meat (for those of you like me who have a love-hate relationship with fish). The lobster meat chunks, which were big, were also generous. Kudos!

lobster roll

The roll was divine! Light, fluffy, buttered toast. Yummy! If you’re not a fan of cold food, this isn’t for you. But you should still try it. Just one bite. The salad on the side was lovely! I mean, it had croutons; what’s not to love? The cheese melted in my mouth and I was left wanting more.


One more for the road…

one more

Somebody should open a Burger and Lobster in Nigeria.

Before then though, making your own lobster rolls is easy. Just follow this recipe!



7 thoughts on “Burger and Lobster

  1. About that love/hate relationship with fish; I actually thought it extended to all water-dwelling creatures. You waxing lyrical about lobster is quite shocking, really! You didn’t say anything about those potato chips-to oily and salty perhaps.
    That said, please let me have the address now now!

    1. Nah, I like my crayfish, shrimp, lobster and recently, crab. Still taking it one step at a time sha for crab. I don’t really remember how I felt about the fries, but I’ve a feeling I liked them. The lobster roll was oily oo, still very tasty sha.

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