Dinner at Grand Legacy Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

We are currently on a family vacation in Rwanda and although I had my reservations about the trip, it has been a great, relaxing and educating one so far. Alhamdulillah.

God willing, I’ll post more pictures from the trip on the blog but you can also check out my Instagram page ‘@ayamstuffed’. Don’t forget to follow. 😀

Anyway, for dinner last night I had the steamed tilapia fillet. I didn’t know what to expect but am I glad I ordered this healthy meal. 🙂 The last time I weighed myself, I saw that I was 1kg heavier. I thank God though. My diet has been very heavy on bread and carbs so 1kg doesn’t sound so bad.

Enough yapping.

The serving was very generous (read: there were quite a lot of potatoes). There was a choice of green bananas or potatoes but I chose the latter. I think the ‘green bananas’ would have been unripe plantain. The first thing I tasted while I waited for the mushroom sauce was a carrot slice and I knew that I had to blog about this meal!


One thing I’ve noticed about food here is the way they wrap lemon slices when served. It’s wrapped in such a way as to prevent the seeds from being squeezed into the meal. Love it!

The mushroom sauce, not pictured, was lovely but I would have wanted more mushrooms in it. It also wasn’t as salty as I’d expected. I would have preferred a thicker sauce though.

The buttered potatoes I liked. The steamed veggies were flavourful and I enjoyed eating them. I didn’t eat the broccoli though. Blegh. The first time I tried broccoli… I’ll keep that to myself!

The tilapia was good. Even better with the mushroom sauce. I ate the first piece of tilapia thinking that it was fresh and not overly salted. Then I ate the second piece. It was like all the salt had been added to one side of that second piece of fish and I somehow managed to eat that side last.


This was a healthy, fresh meal that I really enjoyed. Can you tell?

In true Chubby ‘Dija fashion though, I had to order dessert. There was this Black Forest Gateaux that I had been eyeing on the menu and I thought to myself ‘Why not?’.


I had expected a more moist cake but nonetheless, I enjoyed this cake. I had eaten another cake at another restaurant and that was terrible. There wre two different phases of sugar and icing. No! This cake was therefore refreshing. The cake itself wasn’t too sweet and had a bit of a bitter taste still.

The description in the menu was a bit misleading though. Or I just had very high expectations. *sigh* they had actually given me two slices but I was a good girl and I only ate one. After eating the main dish, there was only so much I could fit into the sometimes bottomless pit I call my stomach.

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Who else isn’t really a fan of cherries?


One thought on “Dinner at Grand Legacy Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda

  1. This is great PR for Rwanda. Pity you were not exposed to local dishes. Anyway. You can always return, after all, it is just an eastward hop. One happens to know that breakfast was a feast during this holiday. Care to share?

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