TWG at Sunway Pyramid

UPDATE: I believe this place is no longer located at Sunway Pyramid.

This post is a long time coming. It was also the day I met Fiona! Bloggers Unite!

tea @ twg

Fiona found me on WordPress and after a series of e-mails, we decided to meet up. The plan was to have dinner but TWG is a pretty pricey place so we ordered tea and some pastries.

Scones and Passion fruit infused mango cake
Scones and passion fruit infused mango tart. Say hi to Fiona!

On taking a bite of the tart, the mango hits you. The top layer of the tart was caramel and there was a hint of a tangy taste too. The tart was leaking though; there was water on the bottom of it. It did have some good points: it was sweet and had a caramel dark chocolate swirl.  I’m not a mango person but TWG gets some points for this tart. 

leaky cake
Leaky cake

Looking at the scones, I thought I was going to be disappointed as it looked dry and flaky. The light, milky, clotted cream and the warm scone were great together leaving a beautiful taste in my mouth. The scone was not sweet thereby allowing the raisins to lend their sweetness to it. The TWG Tea jelly, on the other hand, was just okay. I didn’t feel like it was special even though it was obviously made to be.


Left: Half a scone with TWG jelly. Right: Scone with clotted cream
Left: Half a scone with TWG tea jelly. Right: Half a scone with clotted cream

The tea was also a great accompaniment to the pastries. I, however, don’t remember which one I ordered. If I had to guess, I’d say it was mint tea as that is my favourite tea to drink. 😀


Hopefully, I’ll be able to visit TWG in the nearest future and have a proper meal.

TWG environs


TWG environs

In other news, ayamstuffed is going to be ONE soon! What would you like to see on this blog my dear readers? Any suggestions on how I should celebrate?



3 thoughts on “TWG at Sunway Pyramid

  1. Why should anything in a pricey restaurant leak? will be one soon? Wow! Maa shaa Allah! More grease to your elbow.
    By the way, the pictures of TWG are very nice. I would love to have a meal there!

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