The Bourgeois Quarter Cafe, Abuja

A craving of scones had me googling “best scones in Abuja” or something like that. The Quarter Cafe came up and if it hadn’t, I don’t think I would have missed much.

The restaurant is located in a residential area around the popular Wuse II but was still a bit difficult to find as there’s no sign that tells you “Come in, this is The Quarter Café”. We actually drove past it then had to make a U-turn and start checking house numbers slowly. We then drove up to the gate and found a big padlock on it. Thankfully, it was open. After finding a place to park (there’s no parking space inside so you can park on the street opposite), we headed in. I liked the decor. The space has this Chanel-like theme and is very well designed.

QCafe Decor
QCafe Decor3
Unfortunately, looking at the menu, we almost left. We went to The Quarter Cafe for waffles and scones but they were so expensive! Waffles cost N3000!! And a scone cost N600. Their pancakes/waffles/scones must be out of this world because we found the prices ridiculous.
The menu. I'll leave you to make your own opinions about its looks.
The menu. Very… (I’ll leave the description to you.)
Have a look at the prices.
Take a look at the prices.
QCafe Menu3
Look at the price difference between regular fries and cheesy fries!
Thirty minutes, or so, later, we decided to order. We asked for two plates of couscous with beef. The waiter came back and said they only had couscous with chicken. Great. Our orders then became one pasta salad and one couscous with chicken and two bottles of water at room temperature.
Our water came first and the bottles were dusty. *sigh* My friend could not get over the fact that we were served Faro water. What happened to ‘Eva’, ‘Nestlé’ and the likes? Please if you know about the goodness of Faro water, let me know. It just felt strange.
Can you the dust?
Can you see the dust?
 Our meals took a while to get to us. When they came, I noticed that my plate had finger marks on it, presumably from the cook trying to make the plate look neat… *sigh* What happened to using a cloth? Tissue? Not his/her fingers? Those finger marks would have been enough to gross someone out but like I said, I was hungry. I took a leap of faith and enjoyed my meal.
Pasta Salad
Pasta Salad
The pasta salad was pretty much pasta, mayonnaise, little bits of cucumber, onions and tomatoes and some other spice(s) I couldn’t place. It was served warm (not hot) which I was impressed with, it was a salad after all. I would have wanted more veggies as clearly, this dish was lacking them. For the price, it was nothing special. At least the pasta was cooked al dente.
Cous Cous
For a self-proclaimed bourgeois cafe, The Quarter Cafe was a bit disappointing. Will I return? Probably not.
The Quarter Cafe is located at Tapeta St, Wuse, Abuja.

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