Cakes By Sabby

Instagram has become a little world of its own. We can now connect and re-connect with friends, old and new. I stumbled upon Cakes by Sabby on Instagram and she turned out to be my primary school friend’s sister.

A couple of Instagram messages back and forth and she agreed to allow me sample her cupcakes. She even threw in some gingerbread cookies.
They looked really good! I posted the photo above on my Instagram page and the picture got a lot of likes pretty fast!


On taking the first bite, the aroma of ginger filled my mouth. There was a good harmony of salt, sugar and cinnamon. The gingerbread cookie was soft without an over-powering ginger flavour. I would have preferred less sugar though.


What I thought were raspberries on top of the cakes turned out to be raspberry candy. The chocolate mousse was smooth and had crystals of sugar in it. I could also taste the cocoa in the mousse which was lovely. The highlight of the cupcake, though, was the cake itself. It was spongey, moist and not overly sweet! I enjoyed it. 😀 Did I mention the surprise chocolate centre? Yum.

I will, Insha Allah, be doing business with Cakes By Sabby again and if you live in Abuja, you should too. Check out Cakes by Sabby on Instagram for more goodies (and how to get your hands on them). Here’s a little peek:



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