The Impromptu trip to BluCabana Abuja

This trip to BluCabana wasn’t planned at all. I was at work and we got to close early. BluCabana had come up during our discussion that day as it’s a place another friend of mine had told me about. As we were closing early, there was this weirdness; we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves. Tracy said “Let’s go to BluCabana.” and even better, said it would be her treat. Yay!

So off we went, driving through the empty Abuja roads. Google maps is one of my good companions as it’s so Abuja friendly. Anyway, it said make a right and I was like “Hmm, is this thing correct?” It was. The road it was leading us to just felt wrong. I didn’t think that BluCabana would be located anywhere around the area we were in. We eventually got to an untarred, muddy and uneven road. I felt sorry for my car. Tracy had been to BluCabana in November last year and said that the road was still the same. I’m looking at you Government. I believe BluCabana has a part to play as well. If the Government doesn’t fix the road leading up to your establishment, surely you can do it yourself? It will make people happier when they visit? Then again, there is an alternative route that’s tarred so…

As we drove up to the place, we didn’t notice any sign that pointed to its location. On our way out though, we saw a very pathetic sign that pointed to it. The sign, which was a little banner, wasn’t hung up properly. *sigh*. Anyway, we drove in and it’s a nice little place. The interior is minimally designed but pleasing to the eyes. There are these big paintings that dot the walls. It’s a nice and lovely place with a great ambience.

It was a cool day so we chose to sit outside by the pool. A waiter came to take our orders pretty quickly. I asked for his input on what to order but he just kept on pointing to the expensive things in the Mains section. *insert side eye*. I already had my eyes on the fish burger, so I ordered that. Tracy felt like eating a pizza and ordered the shrimp pizza. We also decided to share our meals as the pizza was a big order. Our starters/appetisers were shrimp spring rolls and buffalo wings.  To drink, I ordered a caramel latte because my allergies were really acting up and my throat felt a bit sore while Tracy ordered the Nigerian fave, Chapman.
 Our appetisers came first. This is important to note because in Nigeria, all your orders can either be served all at once or in the wrong order. The spring rolls were flaky and tasted very fishy and we both agreed, not that good. They were a bit on the salty side as well. The Buffalo wings were a bit spicy with a tangy flavour. I thought they were just fine but Tracy loved them.

The waiter asked us at least twice if we were ready to eat our main dishes while we were still enjoying our appetisers. As a result, when we were ready, it was interesting how the main dishes didn’t come almost immediately. We were finally served and it was time to dig in. The fries were lightly salted, crispy and a teeny weeny bit burnt. They tasted good; fluffy inside and crunchy outside, like fries should be.

I enjoyed the shrimp pizza but Tracy thought it wasn’t that good as she had had better elsewhere. What attracted me to the pizza was the feta cheese but alas, Greece I miss you. This feta was salty and not the feta I love. A redeeming point was the thin pizza crust.

I enjoyed the burger. The sesame seed bun was light and fluffy. Before I took a bite, the smell of fish was a bit over whelming but it turned out to be really nice. The tartar sauce, which is why I ordered the burger in the first place, was lovely. The fish pattie had herbs in it as well.

All in all, this was a successful outing. BluCabana has a really nice restaurant and if the food doesn’t do it for you, the ambience will. Either way, you’ll leave happy. There’s also a beauty lounge (and spa, I think) upstairs.

BluCabana is located in the Mabushi District in Abuja.

If you’d like to make your own fish burger after reading this post, follow this recipe! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “The Impromptu trip to BluCabana Abuja

  1. I finally went to BluCabana!!!!! The food was nice but the customer service we received was terrible tbh. They kept ignoring us and jumping at every ‘oyinbo’ that walked through the door. I literally had to stand up and walk up to the waiters at least twice before we got any attention. As if that wasn’t enough, our orders we mixed up. It’s like they really couldn’t be bothered with us. My friend and I couldn’t help but wonder what such attitude was about…….

  2. No it wasn’t. It was more like a slow sunday evening. My friend thought it was because we were just young ‘black ladies’ who came on our own. Stating that we were probably judged as having a different motive of being there.

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