Red Fire Gourmet, Abuja

Red Fire Gourmet serves good food. Maybe it was the orders we made but I really enjoyed my meal. So much so that I wasn’t able to record the experience properly. That and the fact that I was having a great conversation.

When I got there it was empty. In fact there was only one other diner while we were there. The restaurant has at least two dining areas. The ambience was…  Well, it can be improved. I was directed to one of the dining areas and made myself comfortable before my friend arrived. It was a quiet room with window facing chairs and tables set out for different numbers/kinds of diners.

The restaurant serves Chinese, Indian and Nigerian cuisines. I wanted to have shrimps but unfortunately there were no shrimps and there was also no Indian food; something about the Indian chef having an accident. There’s almost always something missing from the menu in restaurants in Nigeria. 😐

We ordered Chinese food: black pepper beef, sweet and sour fish, vegetable fried rice and Singapore noodles. Everything was good.

Okay there’s a bit more to be said.

I like black pepper and I enjoyed the black pepper beef. The pepper wasn’t overwhelming that it made you cough and the beef was a bit fatty and tender.

I can probably count the number of times I’ve had cooked noodles (I eat Indomie noodles raw :x). I made an exception for these noodles and I’m glad I did. The noodles used were vermicelli/glass noodles. They were chewy and spicy and if I’m not mistaken, seasoned with black pepper as well.

Vegetable fried rice was good too. Wasn’t overly salty and the veggies were not too soft. I would advice that you eat it before it gets cold.

I thought the sweet and sour fish was good too. We had originally ordered sweet and sour chicken but I convinced Tobi to make it fish. I wasn’t expecting it to be great as I thought the sauce would be terrible but it beat my expectations. The fish was battered and then covered in the sweet and sour sauce.

The meal was pretty affordable as well. It was a bit interesting how empty the place was though… Red Fire Gourmet is a place I’d love to visit again.
Red Fire Gourmet is located at No. 40, Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro, Abuja


3 thoughts on “Red Fire Gourmet, Abuja

  1. The simplicity of your descriptions and the pictures certainly transported me there! Question: could your plate have been less bare if you dished more onto it?

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