I ended up at Cliniq 

The plan for this day was to attend one of two restaurant launches. One was for Nigerian cuisines while the other was for sandwiches. Of course I chose to go for the latter.

Unfortunately, when I got there, it was packed with people and I couldn’t really tell what was going on, so I left. And that is how I ended up at Cliniq. Cliniq claims to be a grill, bar and cafe but what I observed was a bar and pseudo open air restaurant. It’s a bit surprising that they serve a wide array of foods, it doesn’t come off as a typical restaurant. It is also located next to a club.

I got the grilled shrimp with pasta. In place of the pasta, you can get fries or rice. I usually have fries when I’m given options but I hadn’t had pasta in a while so I thought I’d order it instead. Doyin got grilled catfish with pasta. It took about thirty minutes for our orders to get to us.


Shrimp sauce with pasta


I was happy that the pasta had veggies in it otherwise it was just plain pasta. The grilled shrimp sauce wasn’t special, tasted like something I could have made at home with maggi. Don’t get me wrong though, it was tasty. I asked them to make it not too spicy and it still had some kick when I tasted it. The pasta was pretty much cold when it got to me. -5 points from you Cliniq.


Catfish with pasta


Cliniq is located in Dabras Hotel on Amino Kano Crescent, very close to Mr. Bigg’s.


3 thoughts on “I ended up at Cliniq 

  1. A change of name may help the food taste better perhaps? You seem to be saying the food tasted like something out of a health institution.

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