When plans change… – Clubhouse, Life Camp Abuja

We were on our way out on official duty and it started to rain. The rain was pretty heavy and the wind was very strong as well. As a result, we decided to go have our late lunch at the Life Camp Clubhouse.

It was pretty much empty when we got there. We quickly settled in and made our orders. The hosts were very friendly and that left a good impression. In fact, we are now friends with Nader and Pierre. 😀

I ordered hummus which comes with Lebanese bread and an appetiser: popcorn shrimp. The popcorn shrimp was the star of lunch, so much so that another order was made. The hummus wasn’t very nice though, I’ve definitely had better elsewhere.
As usual, I didn’t finish my hummus (it tasted better the next day) so I asked them to put it in a takeaway pack for me. I asked how much the Lebanese bread was and they said they didn’t sell it. I then explained that I still had hummus left and they gave me two servings for free. It’s good to ask questions people. 😀 I kinda expected that it would be free though.

I definitely enjoy eating at The Clubhouse. I mean, we got free cocktails and some fruit thing. Who wouldn’t when they enjoy perks?

The Clubhouse Abuja is located in TAK Continental Estate, 11 Aliyu Mohammed Road, LifeCamp, Abuja. You should definitely drop by.

Hummus is one of the most lovely things to eat! Healthy too! Follow this recipe and learn how to make it yourself at home.


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