Tree House Grill

On Nigeria’s 55th independence, we decided to go to Tree House Grill to eat. As we were close to leaving the house, it started to pour down really hard. One hour later, we were on our way. Tree House Grill has been hyped for its good food so I was expecting a quality nosh.

Probably because of the rain, there weren’t that many people when we got there. Tree House Grill has an open sitting plan with some seats under the sky and some under gazebos.

The waitress was a bit sluggish for my liking. I like waiters who are interactive or at least look energetic and smile. True to Nigerian restaurant fashion, my first request of a Fajita was not available. I settled for the Tree House sandwich (It’s a specialty so I couldn’t go wrong with this order, right?) and Doyin got the in-house grilled lamb ribs. I also got spring rolls and Kunun Aya. A few minutes later, we were told there were no ribs but there were chops. *sigh*

Doyin said “Haba”. Why? Well, the kunu tasted like milk. It did not taste like the kunu that I know. Is that how Kunun Aya is supposed to taste? Let me know please. True to Nigerian fashion again, my food came before Doyin’s. On a chipped plate no less. This time the reason was that “It’s the food they make first I’ll bring”. Okay.

About thirty minutes later, both our orders were served. The more I drank the kunu, it began to taste like kunu but it was watery and sugary.

Doyin’s lamp chops were “not great” according to her. Asked her to lessen her expectations and she said it was manageable.

I didn’t mention how the bill wasn’t complete as well… Scam opportunity.

Tree House Grill needs to up their service because I really wasn’t impressed, especially with the hype surrounding them.

Tree House Grill is located at No. 66, Ademola Adetokunbo.


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