That free class I won at Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School.

I almost never win anything; at least not until I won a free class at the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School. They had a competition on their Instagram page where you had to take a picture of their gourmet truck, post the picture on your Instagram page and tag it #iSpotRDC. A friend alerted me to the competition after I posted a picture randomly.


As usual, I got there late. 🙊 It’s not something I’m proud of but I’m almost always late for everything. My sense of timing is very, very off.  Anyway, when I got in, I was asked to take a seat and wait for instructions. I already knew one of the chefs in the school so I got to talking to her. Things were also being set up for the pop-up class they had later in the evening so, despite my lateness, I hadn’t missed anything. The professional chefs, all female, were in jolly spirits and loud. A loud “Oi!” from Chef Stone settled them down and there was some quiet again. Hehe.


 Menu of the Day

Fast forward to about 12:15 (the class was supposed to start at 12 noon) and our class was about to begin. Chef Stone wrote down our menu for the day which was Italian Cuisine. Well, that’s not what or how he said it was but the class was centred around pizzas therefore… It was an Italian Cuisine class. 😀   I thought to myself “Eh, this will be an easy class.” and was a bit let down that we weren’t doing more complex cooking.  (Chubbydija: She spoke too soon. The class was fun and not as easy as she thought.).

Virgin Mojitos
We started off with making the Virgin Mojitos and they were pretty easy to whip up. The next thing on the cooking agenda was making the  garlic bread and the cheese bread. Things got a bit tricky here. The bread we used were baguettes and I squished the cheese bread trying to cut it cross-ways. 😦  On seeing the squished bread, Chef Stone went “You ruined it.” and I felt bad. I came to realise that it wasn’t said to belittle me, Chef Stone says it a lot. The garlic bread turned out really good and I was impressed with myself. The cheese bread, on the other hand, needed a more tastier cheese. We used mozzarella which I think should have been tasty enough but it just felt plastic and was tasteless.
Then it was time to make the ‘Za! We started by making the dough which was the hardest part because of  the kneading. After we had mixed all the ingredients for the dough, I thought we were ready to roll it out and start putting our toppings on it. Then Chef Stone said we had to knead. If not for his help, we may have kneaded for up to 30 minutes. The fun part of this was that we had the liberty of choosing our toppings and crust style. My team chose beef and the thin crust pizza;  there’s just something about seasoning chicken that I didn’t want to be involved with. And thin crust pizzas are classier so… 😀 We also stuffed our pizza crust with cheese and made it rustic looking instead of your regular round shape.
Chicken Pizza before
Beef Pizza beforeI’m not being biased but, tastewise, I preferred my team’s pizza. The tomato base was properly seasoned and the beef! The beef! I wanted to take some home to eat with rice or something (Chubbydija: We took some home! 😀 ). It was really good. Don’t get me wrong, the other team’s pizza was good too but the dough was too soft and the chicken was not all that tasty on the inside. It definitely looked better than ours though.


The beef pizza could have done with more cheese too. We stuffed the crust with the tasteless Mozarella cheese. I had forgotten that we did this when I tasted it. Once more, a tastier cheese would have been better.
Chicken pizza after

Finally, we made our fruit pizza and it was so yummy. I could have definitely finished one tart on my own. *side-eye* It was really beautiful too.

Fruit tart

Alhamdulillah for this class; it was fun and I learnt a lot. I  enjoyed cooking with my team mate too. I had some reservations about the class though. I had thought that I would be taught technical stuff such as how to slice stuff properly. I also felt like the chef needed to be a little bit strict… (Hopefully his students don’t see this and hate me :p)

If you want the recipes for the dishes we made, send me an e-mail at
For the Red Dish Chronicles Instagram page, click here. There you can make enquiries about joining their classes and more.


Don’t forget to check out ayamstuffed’s Instagram page too! 🙂 😀 Click here for all the pictures that don’t make it to the blog.

3 thoughts on “That free class I won at Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School.

  1. So glad you could attend. Was it a one time class? I thoth it was supposed to be for 12weeks or so!

    Congrats girl and yes I want the recipe😃

    1. You know, I thought it was class. Turns out it’s the whole course! Alhamdulillah, pretty overwhelming. Thanks again! Insha Allah, you’ll win the Lagos one when they do it b

      As for the recipes, please send me an e-mail ( and I’ll reply.

  2. Em, don’t feel to bad about getting anywhere late. Have I ever told you that you showed up late, five days late actually.
    Love the look pf your fruit pizza.
    You owe us.
    Congratulations on winning the course.
    All the best.

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