Fun trip: Gurara Falls, Niger State, Nigeria

There are these gym buffs who organised an overnight trip to Gurara falls in Niger State, Nigeria. I have been to Minna (also in Niger State) before but that was when I was about 10 years old and was writing Secondary School entrance exams. This trip to Gurara was purely for pleasure and to get away from the not-so-stressful Abuja life. 😊

We all gathered at the Silverbird Entertainmemt Centre and the road trip began. We were supposed to go in a bus but most people drove so we ended up with a convoy of about 6/7 cars. 2 hours or so later, we were at the Estate where we would be spending the night. I have to add that the road trip was made more interesting by Zuma Rock; it is so beautiful. Masha Allah.

We settled down and left for the waterfalls at about 4pm. Getting to the falls, we had to pay a gate fee. The man at the gate was a very difficult man; he kept us waiting for too long because he wanted more money.  I wonder who the ‘gate fee’ really  goes to… Finally, we were let in and started the hike down the hill towards the water falls. It was a short but mildly dangerous hike. If it was rainy season, the rocks would have been slippery and inaccessible.    

The scenery was beautiful and the water was so cool I wanted to take a bath in it (Chubbydija: Most people wanted to). We sat down on the rocks and a mini, fun photo shoot ensued. There was also a lot of laughter; this group of strangers bonded really well. 😀 For a group of strangers who mostly met each other hours prior, we had a pretty good rapport. This is a group I would definitely want to hang out with again.

Let me leave you to enjoy the photos.


Our Resident Ostrich
Our Resident Ostrich



Gurara 2


Gurara 4


Gurara 5


This is what Gurara Falls looks like during the rainy season:





There is no way we would have had access to all the places we had access to during our little excursion if we had visited during the rainy season.

Last two pictures from Google.


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