I visited The Urban Chocolatier and I want to go again. 

I have been looking at photos, on Instagram, of the goodies that the The Urban Chocolatier offers for over a year now and if, when I finally travelled to the UK again, I didn’t get to eat there, I may have been very sad.

The restaurant is located on a very quiet street; a sign with the words ‘uc’ in purple tell you where exactly to enter. The dripping letters might be an indication of what to look forward to. Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted by a dimly lit room that gives you the feeling of a chocolate lounge.

There are tempting chocolate products such as chocolate covered almonds in a display glass but that’s not why we were there.

I mean, look at this chocolatey goodness! Try to avoid the temptation and make your order(s) from the extensive list of halal desserts. There are some non chocolate sauce desserts for those who aren’t interested in chocolate, although why would they go to a restaurant that has ‘chocolate’ in its name and not want chocolate?

I went to the restaurant with two of my high school friends and while one of them complained that it was a lot of sugar, she couldn’t resist taking bite after bite. Thankfully, the milk chocolate wasn’t sickly sweet and you can choose between white, milk or dark chocolate. The banana slices were too much for me so I just stuck mainly to the waffles and strawberries.

S got the Oreo waffles and it was a struggle to finish it. There’s a lot of chocolate in these ‘dishes’ and it can feel like you’re just chewing and chewing but it was so good. The Oreo crepe that I got was the best choice I made that day.  The crumbled Oreos added a great crunchy texture to the warm crepes; the ice-cream really wasn’t necessary.

Take it from me, everybody should visit this place for their dessert fix.

The bill for these three orders came to about £24. The Urban Chocolatier has several locations so check out their Instagram page here for the one that’s convenient for you.


6 thoughts on “I visited The Urban Chocolatier and I want to go again. 

  1. I should not have read this on a full stomach just after breaking my fast. Everything looks sinful! Plenty of caramel there too, right?

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