Stax on Stax (I couldn’t help myself!)

Remember how I told you I absolutely had to go to that chocolate place? Well, I absolutely had to go to this burger place. Stax Diner is a restaurant that I absolutely had to visit. It’s an American-style diner that serves food such as burgers, milkshakes, waffles and chicken and pancakes. What’s not to love? It also serves halal meat! Multiple wins!

I had read reviews on Instagram about how the place is always busy and how there usually aren’t any seats so, naturally, I thought I would call (Well, get T to call) to make a reservation but unfortunately, they don’t accept reservations and true to the reviews, there weren’t any vacant seats when we got there. Thankfully, some diners were just finishing up and five minutes later, we were seated at our window seat that overlooked the square. Stax is located in this hip mini mall called Kingly Court and you can stand on the ‘balcony’ and people watch while you wait. The restaurants in the building attract a  young, hip crowd which makes Kingly Court a great place to hang with friends. I’m not sure that kind of seating arrangement would be welcome in Nigeria though.

I ordered ‘The Big Stax’ which had maple glazed beef bacon, caramelized onions, tomatoes and lettuce with onion rings on the side. T got the popcorn shrimp and ‘The Stax Insanity’.

The burgers were solid; solid! 👌🏿 There wasn’t anything pretentious about them, just your ol’ tasty sauce, juicy beef patty and lovely maple glazed bacon. Is a burger juicy enough if the juices don’t drip down your hand? T had suggested Burger and Lobster or Duck and Waffle but after that burger, I was given props for my selection. 😀 T had also underestimated how hot the hot sauce would be and was pleasantly surprised. Keep it up Stax!

The sides didn’t have a fighting chance when compared to the burgers. The onion slices were too thick; I enjoyed the batter they were coated in though.

The popcorn shrimp was the least interesting side dish in our order, they tasted like any other. (Do I hear a rhyme?)

Mmmm, burgers.

Would you guys like me to start including prices in my posts? I find that if the food is good, I don’t really mind paying for it. In fact, I’m pretty sure most of my money is spent on (reasonably priced) food. Let me know people, I’m here to serve! 😀

Stax Diner is located at 1st Floor, 1.7 Kingly Court — Carnaby, London W1B 5PW.


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