Frankie & Benny’s – The New York Italian Dinner. 

This year back home has been a pretty interesting one; I’ve put on a lot of weight, had my phone stolen and as I write this, I am sitting down in darkness. But it hasn’t been without its blessings. I’m sitting down in darkness but with a roof over my head. There is no violent war happening all around me and I pretty much have peace of mind. Alhamdulillah.

Another blessing of the year was that I got to travel, for three whole weeks! One of my stops was Edinburgh where I visited Frankie & Benny’s,  a ‘New York Italian Restaurant and Bar’.

We wanted to have dinner before a movie and after perusing the different restaurants on offer, we chose this place. The Frankie & Benny’s ambience is like TGIF, it’s not fancy but it’s nice enough to go have a bite with friends after work or to have a little celebration with friends or a nice little family dinner.

Our orders were (mostly) clean and were a sizable portion; I took some of mine home to finish. The fish balls were a mixture of salmon and either haddock or cod, I don’t remember now. More of the latter though. There was also melted cheese in the middle. It wasn’t very tasty and could have benefitted from some salt. I’ll leave you now to enjoy the pictures! 🙂

Complimentary bread

Fish balls with a tomato sauce, fries and peas. Fries are one of my weaknesses…😪

Melted cheese

Salmon, potatoes and vegetables.

Frankie & Benny’s!

It’s a pescetarian friendly restaurant so don’t be afraid non-meat eaters, there’s something for you.

Don’t forget to check out the Instagram page where I post more delicious dishes. 😁


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