Ayamstuffed is integrating!

Hi guys!! I recently visited a 5 decade old Australian establishment and wrote about it on Hayati magazine. Here is a snippet:

First it was the halal snack pack and now I’ve visited Pancake Parlour! Food is a good way to immerse yourself in a country’s culture, No? So, what should I do next? Watch an Australian Football League match? We’ll see.

Today I visited my ‘local’ Pancake Parlour, a family-owned pancake place that’s 5 decades old and offers sweet and savoury pancakes and crepes. They also have burgers and salads on their menu; because you would go to a place called Pancake Parlour for those. My local PP joint is a pretty big restaurant with quirky designs and decorations all around; there were these chairs dedicated solely to a game of chess with mice-sized pieces.

Catch the rest of the of the post here!


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