Dining with the hipsters – Hammer and Tong, Fitzroy

I visited Hammer and Tong for brunch a couple of weeks ago and it was a nice experience. There wasn’t too much of a struggle for vegetarian food. Here’s what I thought:

We got seated, I scanned the menu for my french toast and it wasn’t there! I scanned through again and I still couldn’t find it. “Surely there must be another menu”, I thought.  The waitress however gave me the sad news: the online menu wasn’t up-to-date. Browsing through their Instagram page, I noticed that their menu has changed a couple of times. Nonetheless, there were still options I could from. I ordered the Zucchini Garden Beignets with poached egg, halloumi and a whole lotof veggies while A had the chilli omelette on toast with avocado. To drink, I had the Ice Matcha Latte.

Another option was to get the soft shell crab burger which has a whole soft shell crab between two buns. I passed on that option; wanted to save myself the thought of thinking I was eating a raw animal.

Catch the rest of my review here!


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