Off to Phillip Island to see the Penguins!

I recently visited Phillip Island and it was  nice to have good, clean fun. I was able to have great food and see some animals. I even got to see a Wallaby with a baby in her pouch! Here’s a snippet:

It was pretty deserted when we walked in and I thought that it wouldn’t be a memorable brunch but was I wrong! As usual, a quick scan of the menu for the veggie options and I chose the Ravioli filled with ricotta & pumpkin. It was to be served with roasted pumpkin, burnt butter, sage and green peas topped with aged cheddar. That’s a mouthful! There were two serving options for this dish, entrée and main. I chose the entrée option because well I’m on a student budget.

As a group we decided to get garlic bread to start with. The general consensus was that we love cheese so we got mozzarella added to it too. The garlic bread was great: soft, fluffy and fresh. Could have done with more garlic but I’m not complaining. And let’s not forget the stretchy cheese! Yeeeess!

You should read the rest of the post here!


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