Students and Budgets

This post speaks directly to me as I’m a student on a budget and while I absolutely love eating out, once in a while I have to respect my bank account and cook (using this word sparingly). Cooking is something I have a love-hate, sometimes like-hate, relationship with but when that inspiration hits, good things have happened.

I recently posted a picture of tofu and tomatoes on my Instagram page and got some mixed reactions. I like meat but halal meat is more expensive than tofu and like I said, I’m respecting my bank account. When properly spiced, tofu will taste just like chicken (or is that just in my head? Hehe.).

I read an article, probably about a month ago, that basically gave advice on how to go grocery shopping as a young adult. The one that stood out to me the most was not to buy too much stuff; as a young adult, you’re probably not home much and you’re usually cooking for one. You also don’t need to go big on variety, a few things a week will work. So unless you plan to cook enough food to freeze for a month and you are confident that the food won’t go bad in the freezer, keep it simple.

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