Authentic Malay Cuisine: Miah’s Sambalicious

I happen to live in an accommodation that houses a halal Malay restaurant. If that’s not a win, what is? I visited twice in one week and here’s an excerpt of my review.

The first time I wanted to try Miah’s though, they were closed and I was hijacked by the Indian place next door. The food from the Indian place didn’t turn out to be that great, by the way.

A few days later, I visited again, I let my inner fattie out and treated myself, ordering the Nasi Goreng Kampung (Village style fried rice) and added an extra dollar for chicken. As a lover of milo ice, I ordered the Milo Crush with Cream as well. I began to wonder why I hadn’t been exploring this place as it’s just right behind me. Anyway, it’s probably a good idea that I haven’t as it would not be good for my body and wallet.

Please, click here to catch the rest of the review!


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