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Continuing my Malaysian Experience, I bring you PappaRich. It’s a chain restaurant that was also in Malaysia. I only ever remember visiting it once; back when I was spoilt for halal restaurant choices. Alhamdulillah for its presence in Australia, I’m able to grab relativiely cheap halal food when I visit.


On this particular day, I visited the restaurant in Chadstone Mall. This particular restaurant gets busy around meal times; I was just going through the menu and like 2 parties joined the queue… Anyway, I joined the queue too and waited to be seated. I quickly noticed that the seating system was not first come first serve, it depended on how many people were in a party.

I got in at about 8:10, which means I was having a somewhat late dinner, and it was still so busy inside. If you’re pressed for time, I would advise you walk straight to the counter and order your food to go. Once seated, I could hear the call signals going off almost every minute. Although I had pressed mine when I was ready to order, I still had to manually signal to a waiter before my order was taken.

Since I was dining alone, I thought they would give me a terrible seat but that didn’t happen. I got a 3 seater table that was not in some inconvenient corner of the restaurant.


Although I went through the menu, I ordered what I always order: the Roti telur (roti with egg) with curry chicken. To drink, yours truly ordered water; healthy, cheap drink to complement my calorie laden roti. As the waiters were running around busy with orders, I had to ask again for my water and it was unceremoniously dropped on my table. The place was busy yo.

About 15 minutes after I made my order, I got the bill. I don’t know if this is a regular occurrence. If it is, they should stop. About 6 minutes later, I got my food aaand, it didn’t look complete. The curry sauce on the right usually has some veggies in it and it seemed like my chili sauce had been reduced. People say when you order food to go, sometimes the restaurant skimps on the quantity. The reverse seemed to be the case.

Roti Telur + Curry Chicken

For the highs of this visit, the chicken was soft and succulent; the curries spicy and tasty. PappaRich is always consistent with this dish! The chicken is also very fresh so you don’t notice that it hasn’t been marinated, the curry more than makes up for this too. Maybe one day I’ll try something new at this restaurant but for now, this Roti telur with curry chicken has my heart.

The Roti telur with curry chicken costs about $12. The restaurant has a policy where you can’t pay with a card for orders less than AU$25, if I’m not mistaken, so it would be smart to ensure you have cash on you.

Thinking of making this dish to enjoy at home? I’ve got you! Roti telur recipe here, and curry chicken recipe here!

PappaRich Chadstone is located at Shop F029, Chadstone Shopping Centre.



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