Sugarcane, Lagos

I follow Sugarcane on Instagram and they are (were?) a pastry business selling yumminess via their Instagram page. Their pastry posts made me very excited. Anyway, they now have a restaurant and I happened to see their ‘Opening’ post on Instagram. I knew I had to go, at the very least, it’d be something to blog about.

First thing you notice at the restaurant is the geometry inspired decor, which I liked. The interior is painted black and yellow which I liked too.The ambience was okay although the music was too loud. And being a new place, you could smell the paint. The waiters, all decked out in black, were standing around waiting to serve customers.

It wasn’t busy at all, there were 5 of us diners when I got there. This was probably because it was a weekday and I was there at about 4 pm. Maybe it filled up around dinner time and when people got off work.

Seeing as I know them to be a dessert business, I expected to walk in and see a display of goodies but alas, there was NOT one sugary treat in the showglass. This was a bit disappointing but let’s blame the fact that they may still be figuring things out.

After going through their menu, I ordered the cinnamon roll waffles (N3400) to go. A highlight of the menu was the ‘All day breakfast’! That’s a win in my books. I can wake up at 12 noon and still have the opportunity to have breakfast food. Win. I have to note that the menu itself was held together by a clipboard which was not very navigation-friendly.


The waitress told me my order would take 10-15 minutes and while I waited, I was served some spiced popcorn. This popcorn as a ‘while-you-wait’ snack wasn’t my cup of tea. It made my throat dry. Their aim so you get something to drink? I also wasn’t sure what it was spiced with. One of the waitresses told me it was salt. It wasn’t salt.


It took a bit less than 30 minutes to get my order and somehow my bill came to N3948. Turned out that taxes were not included in the prices. This is very irritating and I therefore am asking restaurants to please include taxes in their displayed prices. It’s annoying seeing a different price when your bill gets to you especially after you’ve done a mental calculation of what you owe.


After about 4 hours in traffic, I got home to no light and cold waffles. I reheated them in the oven, otherwise, I may have been writing a different review. The waffle kinda tasted store bought, too much baking soda/powder maybe? It was a fluffy, thick waffle that was not too sweet. The cinnamon was very present but as I write this, I’m not very sure about the ‘cinnamon roll’ aspect. They could have just been called cinnamon flavoured waffles. They were very thick though. I was expecting my cream cheese to be sweet, a la cheesecakes, but it was quite salty. I definitely did not sign up for ORT flavoured cream cheese. My brother, who’s not a fan of pastry, liked the waffle AND the cream cheese. He hasn’t tasted better so I would not take his word for it.

I have a lot of faith in Sugarcane and I want it to be my go-to place. It and Casper & Gambini’s. However, they still have some work to do.


Sugarcane is located at No. 6 Ologun Agbaje Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.


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