Lobster Tail Seafoods

Looking for halal food while on holiday can sometimes be a task in and of itself. I’ve mostly resorted to eating vegetarian and when it looks appealing, and is pescatarian, I eat seafood. I say this because of my recent trip to Sydney. I enjoyed it but thanks to our budget and our tourist status, we ate a lot of fish and chips. Sydney also tempted me with its warm weather, but, I think I prefer the Melbourne life.

On my last day, we wanted to go ‘shopping’ and therefore headed to the Westfield mall in Bondi Junction. As it was the first place we visited that day, our first port of call was the food court. I didn’t take pictures but their food court was lush! It had a grown up feel to it and didn’t look like a high school’s cafeteria. Diners could also catch a view of the beautiful sunny day. Food court done right Westfield!


There were quite a few options to choose from but of course, we had to stake out the vegetarian/pescatarian friendly outlets. Fortunately, as I turned a corner, I spotted it. Lobster Tail Seafoods. Perfect. It was also a nice break from all the fish and chips we’d been eating. The outlet has a show-glass with the raw seafood allowing you to eat freshly prepared food and there were quite a few options available. I ordered the Seafood Salad and L ordered the Grilled Lobster Mornay.



The seafood salad was a cold salad that came with pineapple, shrimps and lobster; the pineapple chunks appealed to my sweet tooth. It was cheap and most importantly, filling. There also wasn’t any fishy taste as the sauce had a very strong presence.


According to L, the Grilled Lobster Mornay was good. Diners have the option of getting the regular or large and L got the regular size, which looked reasonable. It looked like most of the meat, which didn’t look like a lot, was in the tail, and there was apparently a lot of sauce too.  The salad it came with was really good too.


A good time overall. They should open an outlet in Melbourne.

The Lobster Tail Seafoods we visited can be found at the Westfield Bondi Junction Food Court, Level 5,  Sydney.


2 thoughts on “Lobster Tail Seafoods

  1. Would have liked more details on th texture and taste of the food. It really did sound like breakfast by the broke. How I the fish an chips in Sydney, compared to other places? Is it different to fish ‘n’ chips in the UK?

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