Brewtown, Newtown, Sydney

One of the tours I recommend you go on as a tourist in Sydney is one of those I’m Free walking tours. Like the name suggests, the tours are free and while on the tour, your guide might drop some insider knowledge that could make your trip more memorable. Our Tour guide told us about the Newtown suburb and also about the revolving restaurant in the Sydney Tower. However, we found out about Newtown from TripAdvisor.

One day for brunch, we decided to go to Brewtown in Newtown (BN). Newtown, like Fitzroy in Melbourne, is known to be a ‘hub’ for the young, bohemian and hipster crowd and Brewtown fits right in. It has a young and chic vibe to it that is immediately felt once you walk in. I, however, did not get that hipster feel.

Anyway, our trip to BN was also for the cruffin and cronut. As you all must know by now cruffin = croissant + muffin and is basically a croissant made in a muffin mould and filled with whatever one fancies, while cronut = croissant + donut and is a donut made with croissant-like dough. (Wikipedia is handy for definitions. :P).

We made our main brunch orders of french toast which were to come with white chocolate cream cheese and cherries (or was it just white chocolate cheese? I’ve forgotten!) from the specials menu and headed to the display counter to order our cronut and cruffin. Word to the wise: this place is pretty popular so make sure you arrive at about 12 noon so you don’t have to queue. On that note, they had completely run out of the ‘Brewnut’, which we would have wanted to order. Anyway, we ordered a plain cronut and a Milo cruffin. To drink we ordered tap water and they gave us sparkling water. For free. Other cafés/restaurants should learn from this! It was impressive, to say the least.


Back: Cruffin. Front: Cronut

The cronut and cruffin came first and we had to caution ourselves not to finish them before our main meals arrived. The cronut was soft inside and crispy outside. It tasted like nothing I’d ever had before, and I mean that in a good way. The Milo cruffin was however, my best dessert of the day. It did taste like a croissant in muffin form but I loved it. They were also generous with the Milo filling which had just a hint of the Milo taste if you ask me; it tasted more like sweetened condensed milk with a touch of Milo.


I almost always think that whatever food I’m served at these cafés won’t fill me up and I’m almost always wrong. At the end of the meal, I was struggling to finish my food. The cherries weren’t as tart as I would have like but overall, the dish wasn’t too sweet. Being french toast, there was a strong presence of the egg but not to the point that it was overpowering. And this is probably a first for me, but the white chocolate cream cheese was a bit too much. It kinda became a calculation trying to combine it with the toast. The ratio of toast to white chocolate was definitely off.


Everything from Brewtown was very good.  I hope they are able to keep up with the quality of food they serve! Will I go back? That depends. If I ever go back to Sydney, I’d like to explore more of Newtown. I definitely recommend Brewtown though.


Hungry for some cronuts? Or cruffins? Be adventurous and make some for yourself. Recipe for cronuts here and cruffins here (cruffins take less time FYI).

Brewtown Newtown is located at 6-8 O’Connell St, Newtown NSW 2042.


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