Sustainable Farming

I stumbled upon this video on Facebook and it talks about how a company in Japan is growing their own food. It’s a new take on farm-to-table they’re calling ‘farm-to-office-desk’. I think it’s a pretty radical idea. The employees nurture the farm and harvest the produce which is prepared in the office kitchen. They claim that a majority of their employees report higher energy levels, making them more productive. Another benefit is the office aesthetic that the plants provide.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 1.53.44 PM
Image from video

Similarly, hydroponic farms are becoming a thing.  They basically involve the growing of plants without soil and are considered more sustainable as they use a lot less water than conventional farming methods. This kind of farming is very useful in places that don’t have a lot of water, as well as allowing us to allocate land to other important uses. Hydroponic farms do have their cons though; vegetables taste different and they apparently consume a lot of energy. This can be offset through the use of renewable energy which brings up another problem of costs. These articles, here and here, can give you a deeper insight.

Hydroponic garden

Another thing that I’m currently excited about is having a home farm/garden where I can grow my own food. I follow this page on Instagram that promotes having your own home garden that stokes my excitement. In this day and age of populations growing at an alarming rate leading to our increased dependence on rural areas for food, wouldn’t it be nice to have a home with a little food garden to sustain one’s family? This would also cut grocery costs significantly. I do however understand that this is not possible for everyone, especially if you don’t live in your own compound or are not a home owner. And while it may sound nice, these plants do need to be maintained.

vegetable garden

What do you think? Do any of these resonate with you? Are you against these methods of farming? Let’s discuss!



6 thoughts on “Sustainable Farming

  1. I believe that more localized farming is really the only possiblity. Not only is it far more wasteful to buy processed food that has 10 different ingredients from 8 different parts of the world – industrial farming is completely unsustainable in of itself. Hydroponics is interesting. Aquaponics, or aquaculture, is something else to look into if hydroponics interests you. I forsee alot more suburban communities the size of a city block growing their own food in the future.

    1. Thank you SustainableSeeker!
      It’s interesting how we know that ingredients for our beloved processed foods (and even non-processed ones) come from various parts of the world but don’t really think much about it. Like me, I don’t pay too much attention to it; it’s somewhere lingering at the back of my mind but I’m not thinking of its implications.
      Yes, I like the idea of people that live together in one area growing their own food in a shared farm.
      I’ll look up aquaponics, thanks for the suggestion.

  2. How I would harvest such pretty plants and eat them is a hurdle I would have to surmount.
    A great read. Well done!

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