Roll’d Vietnamese

Roll’d Vietnamese is one of the new additions to our on-campus food outlets. I never thought to venture inside because I didn’t think they would have anything I could eat. But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention. One day, my favourite place to eat on campus, Guzman y Gomez, was closed and I found myself venturing into Roll’d.


The menu had a lot of vegetarian options and I was quite spoiled for choice. I ordered the noodle salad with tofu and vegetables spring rolls (aka Bun. No, not the English word.) although I was eyeing the Banh Mi, which is like a baguette sandwich (Chubbydija: We love bread yo!). It also came with the option of switching the noodles with rice. Vegetables in the salad were carrot strips, parsley, lettuce, cucumber slices, as well as sprinkles of bawang goreng (this is the Malay name and means fried onions).


It was a regular dish, nothing fancy. The spring rolls were very crispy and tasty. They were also the only warm item in the dish. Also, unless you like your salad tasteless, a kind of sauce is required with this salad. It was a healthy, big-portioned salad. The sauce may have reduced the healthy factor though. It was also a good meal to get a veggie fix.

I think Roll’d is one of the more popular options on-campus but I’m not sure Bun would be a popular meal with dinners. Maybe the hype is with the meat options..? After eating it though, I thought that I would get it again.

By the way, it turns out Guzman y Gomez wasn’t closed; I guess it was Roll’d’s time to shine!

Want to dabble in Vietnamese cuisine? Find a vegetarian bun recipe here, and a vegan option here! Buon Appetito!


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