Sons of Mischief Highett Review

Let’s just preface this post with the fact that I come across most of the cafes I visit on Instagram. So, I came across Sons of Mischief on Instagram. It was said to be a new cafe and it was close to me, so I decided to visit. It wasn’t on my schedule but I hadn’t chosen a cafe to visit for the week, which worked for me. And for them, because they were about to receive some of my money.

Walking in through the front door, you wouldn’t realise how spacious the cafe is until you walk to the back. There you’ll see another hallway that leads to outdoor seats. Looking around the cafe, I liked the decor at Sons of Mischief; clean and simple. It had white chairs and wooden tables with seating for parties of two, four or six. I chose a seat in the back of the cafe near a window, because I had to get that good lighting. It however became apparent that I was sitting on loose floorboards with my table shaking everytime someone walked past.

img_9311 2

As seen on Instagram, I had come for the buttermilk pancakes. However, the menu didn’t indicate that they were vegetarian!! The waitress informed me that they were though, so I ordered them. They also came with an option to get ice-cream for an extra amount, which I thought was unnecessary. The rest of the menu looked good too, especially the lunch menu. They had spinach and ricotta pasta, which I love. The other tempting thing was the king prawn bao. I think I might come back for these items especially as the cafe is close to me. It would make a good, quick brunch/lunch date with R.


My meal came soon after I had ordered it. It was pretty and came on this nice plate. The Nutella cream on the pancakes tasted like hot chocolate which I liked (I’m Team Hot Chocolate over Team Coffee!). There was also Nutella in between the pancakes. The pancakes were good overall and if you’re after comfort food, this is the dish for you. My main issue with them though was tasting the baking soda/powder, which I’m not a huge fan of being able to taste when I eat pancakes. Also, the plate made this scratchy sound as you scooped food off it which may be a bit uncomfortable for people who are sensitive to such sounds. It can also be a bit loud when you’re trying to get those last few bites in.  The maple syrup also wasn’t very memorable; I got tastes of it here and there but it could have been left out.


Question to you readers, are you tired of Nutella in desserts? It can be an easy way to add chocolate to stuff but wouldn’t it be nice if restaurants made their own chocolate sauce? Even if it was derived from Nutella? For example, I preferred the Nutella cream to the actual Nutella in my pancakes. Anyway, will I go back? I think so. I will like to try the pasta and the bao.


Sons of Mischief is located at 326 Highett Rd, Highett VIC 3190.

(Sidenote: This cafe is so new that googling it gives you results on job search websites. Hehe)


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