Fourth Chapter, Prahran Review

I was supposed to visit Fourth Chapter at least 2 weeks ago. Alas, other things came up, including Walafel. Anyway, I had some free time on my hands and decided that I would use that time to visit the cafe. I had seen a picture of their baked crumble while browsing Instagram, which is how they came to be on my list.


As a food blogger who’s trying to take better pictures, one of the first things I now look out for when I visit cafes is a spot in the cafe where there’s good lighting. The lighting in Fourth Chapter was not very bright and I didn’t consider sitting outside. I chose a seat beside the wall and commenced my perusal of the menu and picture taking. (Sidenote: I’m still shy about taking pictures, especially when I dine alone. However, I tell myself that everyone is taking pictures more regularly nowadays and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Who else feels like this?)


After looking at the menu, I ordered the baked crumble which had apple, rhubarb and raspberries, with a pecan and almond crumble on top, served with coconut vanilla labneh (labneh is a Lebanese cream cheese).  To drink, I got the Matcha Latte; I’m not a coffee person but I like matcha flavoured stuff so it piqued my interest. I had considered getting the Ruby grapefruit juice but decided against it as my crumble already had fruits in it.


One of my observations at Fourth Chapter was how it appeared to be male dominated. I only saw one female at the front of the shop who was the barista, if I’m not mistaken. Also, like Sons of Mischief, the floorboards in this place weren’t great. Every time someone walked past me, I felt it. The cafe wasn’t easy for me to get to as well, I had to walk quite a bit.  However, this is probably particular to people like me who use public transport to get around.


My latte came first and it tasted like fried fish. I’m not exaggerating. Maybe I’ll stick to matcha-flavoured pastries and sweets e.g. hot cakes or burger buns from now on. The baked crumble came out after and the first thing I thought was that it was huge. However, when I dug into it, I found that the bowl wasn’t deep. Nonetheless, it’s a filling dish so it’s a good idea to eat it on an empty stomach. It also came out hot. Like wait-for-it-to-cool-down hot. Like it-burnt-my-tongue hot. But it smelled good. The fruits in the crumble were also tart, which I liked. I would classify the crumble as a good, warm breakfast. Probably not a good idea to eat it often though, I have a feeling it has a high sugar content.


Would I visit again? I want to, to be honest. From what I’ve seen on Instagram, their raspberry and coconut pancakes look good. However, I’m trying to eat more savoury dishes. I went to Fourth Chapter, got my baked crumble and loved it. I should probably visit somewhere else.

Fourth Chapter is located at 385 High St, Prahran VIC 3181.

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