Walafel Ormond Review

R and I visited Walafel (a waffle + falafel portmanteau word) over the weekend. It was either this place or another cafe. I left the choice to R, who decided on Walafel, so to Walafel we went. I had seen the restaurant as I rode past on the bus so I guess it was only a matter of time before I would visit.
Walafel is a kosher, casual dining restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan food. Their signature dish is, as you might have guessed, a waffle made with falafel batter. It’s a small restaurant with limited seating so might be better to get your food to go if it’s full when you visit.  That said, there weren’t that many people when we visited and we were able to sit down for a long time and enjoy our meals.
We ordered a double Walafel, which came with hummus, pickles, Israeli salad, cabbage salad and tahini sauce, as well as the Malawach pastry, which is a Yemenite flaky pastry and came with hummus, pickles, Israeli salad, cabbage salad, hard boiled egg with a side of tahini and crushed tomato. We also got free regular falafels to try, which was nice of them.
After trying a walafel, I think I actually prefer falafel as a waffle! (Chubbydija: tongue twister much?). The Malawach was really good too, especially the pastry itself and I wouldn’t have minded taking it home with me. The pastry fillings meshed really well, and I especially enjoyed the boiled eggs.
The other great thing about this place is the low prices; most savoury menu items are priced in the 11-13 dollar range. They also have sweet waffles but you can get those elsewhere. Lastly, can we talk about the presentation? Despite it being a casual-dining restaurant, the presentation is reminiscent of places where you’d put down a lot of money for steak.
The one downside for me was the tahini sauce that came with the Malawach; I didn’t like the taste.
Would I visit again? I think so. I would like to visit to get some cheap, pretty healthy food when I’m feeling lazy to cook.
Walafel is located at 539 North Rd, Ormond VIC 3204.

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