Danfo Bistro, Ikoyi, Lagos

Danfo Bistro is another restaurant I visited while on holiday in Lagos. They became quite popular because of their Ewa Agoyin Sandwich. Ewa Agoyin is a dish composed of Agoyin sauce, mashed/very soft beans and Agege bread, and is very popular in Lagos, Nigeria (I suppose it’s popular in other areas too). I had read negative reviews about the dish but that didn’t stop me from going, and also wanting to try the dish.


The decor at DB is very DIY with tables made out of Danfo* parts, lights covered with plate numbers and some plumbing fixtures. DB is also quite popular; I got there close to 2pm and it was pretty full. I guess those negative reviews haven’t really affected them.


After going through their extensive menu, I tried to order the freaky fish, but true to Nigerian restaurants, they didn’t have it. I then decided on Meat the French, which they had. Meat the French comes with two different bread options, Agege and Ciabatta. I decided to go with the Agege bread option. To drink, I wanted the Peanut Butter Bomb, which they didn’t have, so I got a smoothie instead. Not having menu items is a serious problem in Nigerian restaurants.


The other problem with Nigerian restaurants is the time food takes to come. The usual excuse is that it’s being made from scratch. At Danfo, the food took close to an hour or so to come. The quality of the food was good though. The fries were solid; they were soft, fluffy and hot. The sandwich was also solid; the bread was crunchy and soft, and the sauce and gravy were tasty. The meat in the sandwich was good too and tasted like a burger patty.

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Danfo Bistro did not disappoint. It would be nice to go back to have the famous Ewa Agoyin.

Danfo Bistro is located at 2 Alexander Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.

*Danfo refers to the smaller, yellow public transport buses used in Lagos, Nigeria.



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