Maison Kayser Lagos, Victoria Island, Lagos

My visit to Maison Kayser was basically impromptu. I had learnt that one of my Uni mates was in Lagos and reached out to her. She called me in the evening and suggested we met there. I was actually glad she suggested it.

I’m a pastry lover and the aroma when I walked in held me. I was tempted to order a pastry but something held me back. They also have gelato and the temptation to order that was heightened after I read the Eat.drink.Lagos review of it.


I found a place to sit and the person who I believe was the manager, came to take my order. However, I felt like he was half listening to me as he took said order which was the Penne ala Milanaise. I saw that they had a Pesto pasta and asked if they had a vegetarian version. unfortunately they didn’t. Looking around, I noticed more foreigners/expats than locals in the restaurant. The restaurant is also quite spacious, which is good.


Before I got my pasta, I was served complementary bread and butter. The bread was great; butter was even better. Have you ever thought that bread is just a medium to deliver butter? I’m still making arguments for that in my head. The waitress then brought my dish and spent some time lounging around my table before I gave her attention and cleared some space for her on the table so she could place it.


The pasta was really good with the tomato and cheese on point. The cherry tomatoes were tasty and juicy cherry. If you like pepper and spicy food though, this dish is not for you. While eating, the Manager came by again to ask if all was well.

Final thoughts? The Maison Kayser Pasta ala Milanaise is good; their customer service can be improved. Will I go back? Why not? The snack side of the restaurant still needs to be explored.

Maison Kayser is located at 864 Bishop Aboyade Cole St, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.


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