Strange Servant Cafe

I came across Strange Servant (SS) via another food blogger’s Instagram (what else is new?). She had a pic/video of their beef bacon. I also saw some hijabis in the background of her stories. Putting two and two together, I thought the place was halal and I had to visit.

And visit I did. I braved the over one hour commute via replacement bus, train and regular bus to get me some halal bacon. Was it worth it? Well, read on.

While looking at the menu, the waiter came to ask about my drinks order. Not being a coffee person, I got the Red Boost juice. I got it partly in a bid to be healthy and also because I felt pressured to buy it, sigh. When I got it though, I was underwhelmed. I also didn’t think it was worth the price.

Now the food. I’d been anticipating a pancake dish before I left home. However, when I got to SS, I saw the gnocchi on the menu and was tempted. My decision eventually came down to two choices: gnocchi and hotcakes. It must be clear I’ve a thing for these carbtastic foods right?. Anyway, I eventually went with the hotcakes. I did want to get the gnocchi to go though.The bonus with SS is that all their meat is halal. So I got a side of bacon too. It did sound weird when my order was brought though; a waiter announcing “Pancakes, with a side of bacon” being served to a hijabi? Lawl.

I had been afraid that I’d ordered too much food, however, the pancakes were just two stacks.


The hotcakes were beautiful. By beautiful, they tasted great. They were also charred (caramelised sugar?), which I liked. Unlike other ricotta hotcakes/pancakes/etc that I’ve had, these had pieces of ricotta in them. They were hot and fluffy but also dense. They could have done without the ice-cream though.

The bacon I liked too but it was too salty. Is that how bacon usually is?

Anyway, will I go back? I plan to! That gnocchi, with a side of beef bacon off course, is still on my mind.

Stranger Servant is located at 109 Centre Dandenong Road, Dingley Village VIC 3172.


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