Anthropology Specialty Coffee & Concept Store Review

I came across Anthropology Coffee on Instagram via another food blogger’s page. The main interest for me was that it is muslim owned and you know what that means? Halal food! Halal meat! Yay!! Even though it was located in Pascoe Vale and would take a bit over 2 hours to get to, I just had to go.


When R and I walked in, I was quite surprised by the cafe’s small size. Nonetheless, I was so happy to be there. Just the fact that I could eat without my many questions was very comforting; Is there alcohol in the dish? Do you grill the meat on the same grill as the pork? Etc. They should open a cafe close to me!!



I’d already made up my mind as to what I was going to get after looking at their menu online; the waffle with chicken. For someone who prefers pancakes, I’ve been gravitating towards waffles lately. R wanted the Shakshuka with cheese but changed her mind to the crispy baked baby potato, which was a special. I was also thinking of getting the beef bacon on the side, because halal, but I forgot. To drink, I ordered the hot chocolate while R got a latte, if I recall correctly. The waiter encouraged me to get their hazelnut milk as it was good and they make it themselves. However, it was too strong for me but got better as I drank. I blame Nutella and store bought milks, with their watered down flavours which have probably warped my sense of what hazelnut milk should taste like.



Now, the food at Anthropology was very, very worth the long journey and I suggest that everybody should visit at least once in their lives. One week later and R and I were still mesmerising about how good the food was. The chicken and waffles came with spicy chipotle sauce and maple syrup. The chipotle sauce was sweet, tangy and peppery while the maple syrup was… sweet. The dish also had another satay-tasting sauce between the chicken and the waffle. The chicken was so tender and tasty; it was crunchy and so full of flavour. The waffle was fluffy and tasty on its own too, but would definitely need to be accompanied with something. It was a solid waffle. The dish also had a great balance of sweet and savoury.



R’s dish was good too. I liked that the potato was crispy. I mean who doesn’t like crispy fries? However, the salmon was salty. Overall, though, R enjoyed her dish.


Anthropology over delivered and I’m so glad I went. Seriously, you should visit. They also deliver through Uber Eats. It’s probably a good thing that I don’t live close by, or is it? On the one hand, I could feature all their dishes. On the other hand, I am not sure my wallet would be very pleased.


Anthropology Coffee is located at 349 Gaffney St, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044. I just have to mention that when R and I got out of the train station and began our walk towards the cafe, we were confronted by this upward climb! The prize of the great food though, that’s all you should be thinking about.

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