Two Kings Cafe Review

Another day, another cafe visited thanks to Instagram. At this point, they should hire me to review the suggestions I get off the platform.
The appeal of Two Kings for me was its location in Bentleigh, which is close to me. I also love Bentleigh because it has a Coles that caters to Jewish people. You know what that means? It’s easier to buy groceries. The atmosphere at Bentleigh on the day we went to Two Kings was lovely too; it was a nice summer day unlike the cold days we’ve been experiencing in Melbourne. A befitting day and weather for the official first day of summer.
Anyway, I recruited R again and after she made me wake up early for a workout class, we headed to Two Kings. I don’t think I had much of an expectation of the cafe, and I don’t mean this in a bad way. I had looked up their menu online and staying true to my sweet tooth, was going to order waffles with lemon curd. So, this post would have completed a waffle trifecta. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I had viewed the menu on Zomato and I knew that menus on Zomato aren’t necessarily what you’ll find in the cafes.  This is because cafes regularly change their menus, especially if they’re into seasonal produce.
The good news was that I was still able to order something with lemon curd; the French toast (which also came with white chocolate and berries and a biscuit crumb). There was a Nutella option but why get Nutella when you can get lemon curd. If you want Nutella on your French toast, make it yourself at home. Yes, I know I can probably make lemon curd at home too. I didn’t ask you.
R got the corn fritters and substituted the chorizo with mushrooms. From what I could tell, they were quite open to substitutions which will be very useful for my halal/vegetarian/vegan fam. To drink I got the detox juice, while R got a latte. Have you heard of the phrase “Confuse the calories”? That was what I did ordering healthy juice with dessert for breakfast.

When our dishes came out, R commented on the size difference which was very obvious; the French toast dish was big. The slices of bread were thick cut and the lemon curd had been lathered on. There was a mixture of textures (soft from the bread, crunchy from the biscuit crumb) which I didn’t like. I liked the mixture of tastes though, sweet and tangy. This dish was also a better french toast than the one at Two Birds One Stone cafe as it was crunchier, which I prefer.


R thought her food was okay too but had eaten better corn fritters at another cafe.

Would I go back? I don’t think so. The food was nice but I’m not in love. That said, I may just find myself venturing back there out of convenience.

Random thought. French toast, on its own, isn’t a sweet dish. But add maple syrup or powdered sugar and it’s transformed. What are your thoughts on making a traditionally savoury dish, sweet?

Two Kings is located at 353 Centre Road, Bentleigh, Melbourne.




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