Georges Restaurant Review

This post is different.
I joined a foodie group so I could meet more foodies, have more content, etc. The group’s end of year meet-up was coming up and I RSVPd. “Yay! I get to meet fellow foodies!” was what I was thinking.
Fast forward to the day and as usual, I was late. I also messed up with public transport, and got to Georges Restaurant more than 30 minutes after the stated time. Anyway, I walked in, recognised the group and walked out. I saw a sea of people who were older than I am! Like people in their 50s and older. What were we going to talk about?? And it was my first time meeting them. There were so many ways I was going to stand out.
But, I made a commitment and I had to stick to it. So in I went, asked to be directed to the group, and after a couple of other minor issues, introduced myself to the organiser and sat down.
I had looked at the menu beforehand and thought that I would order the Potato, French Onion, Persian Feta omelette. It kind of reminded me of Anthropology’s crispy potato special. In fact, I was expecting a crispy potato. Until they served me my food and I realised that they never said their potato was going to be crispy. I was also taken aback by how my eggs were served; why was there potato ON the eggs?? Taste-wise, my dish was pretty vanilla. The breaded haloumi was basically tasteless; I kept having expectations that the next bite I took would be nice but alas, it was mostly bland. The mushrooms had a weird taste too and I actually don’t mind mushrooms on a normal day.
My dish was really just okay; not a lot of taste, could do with some spice. Looking back, I’m seriously wondering if they were being miserly with the salt. For an Italian Restaurant, Georges needs some work.
Anyway, I’m sure you guys think this was a bad experience. It wasn’t bad, it was average. On a positive note though, there was this waitress who served us that was sooo efficient! Props to her. Will I go back? I’ll leave you to figure that one out.
Georges Restaurant is located at 819 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124.

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