L’Burger Hawthorn Review

L’Burger wasn’t on my schedule for this week but it was worth it in the end. We had closed early at work and I didn’t want to just sit at home, so I sent a text to my fellow foodie R asking if she was up for it. She was, so off to Hawthorn we went.
L’Burger is, as the name suggests, a burger place with other burger-place fare that you would expect like milkshakes and fries. It is halal certified and caters to meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike. They have an almost equal number of halal and non-halal meat burgers, with a selection for vegans/vegetarians. They also have a seafood burger for that pescatarian that wants their burger fix. One disappointing thing about their menu was that although they serve waffles, they don’t have chicken and waffles! How?? Why?

Back to the positives; L’Burger’s prices are affordable. Truth be told, I wasn’t really scrutinising the prices as I looked at the menu. The low price hit me when I was paying as it was much cheaper than what I pay at the cafes I eat at. Anyway, I ordered the L’Beef burger from the House Burger range, while R ordered the Hot Angus burger from the Gourmet Burger range (it came in a black bun). We also got the combo fries and the pretzel malt shake.


Before I get into the burger, I would like to tell you about the milkshake and fries. The milkshake was sweet, as expected. However, it wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be. It also had a syrupy taste which to me cheapened it. They also served it with the whole pretzels on top and swimming (or drowning) inside the shake. I think it would have been more complex (a.k.a. better) if they had ground the pretzels into the milkshake.
The combo fries were a combination of sweet potato fries and regular fries. They were mostly great, properly salted and crunchy. However, the sweet potato fries weren’t quite… there for me. And I love me my sweet potato fries.
Now to the burger. It was overall a good burger. The patty itself was juicy and I felt like I could taste the grass the cow had been eating. At first, the milky bun didn’t gel with the burger for me but that feeling changed as I continued eating. There were also different tastes at different points in the burger. I was however struggling to remember if it was better than the burger at Royal Stacks though. Those were some good burgers.
R enjoyed her burger too; she liked how soft the patty was. Judging from how tender mine was, I’m sure hers was too.
Would I go back? I think so. It’s easy for me to get to and the prices are decent.
L’burger is located at Shop 1/672 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122.

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