Guest Post on KitchenButterfly.Com

As a Nigerian girl (I’m not quite there yet with calling myself a woman), I love my plantain. Plantain is a fruit that’s very similar to the banana but is usually cooked before it’s eaten. I say usually because you can get away with eating a slice or two before there’s a slightly acidic taste in your mouth. It can be eaten unripe or ripe. I prefer when it’s ripe though, as it’s sweeter and I have a big sweet tooth.

So why am I writing about plantain? Well, I got to do a piece on my love for plantain over at Kitchenbutterfly’s blog. Ozoz runs the blog and had called for contributors on Twitter. I thought I would try it out but was apprehensive as I don’t think I’m a good writer. Anyway, I did it, and I enjoyed writing it. Here’s an excerpt:

I’m not a dodo snob or purist. And by that I really mean I’m not a plantain snob. Maybe it’s because I still eat like a student. I will eat dodo as long as it is dodo – whether it is firm because it was made with ripe plantain or soft because the plantain was over-ripe. If the plantain is not ripe though, it has no business becoming dodo. Put it in a cupboard, shut the doors and fry it the next morning. That said, I still have my preference for the ‘perfect’ dodo.

You can find the rest of the write up here. I hope you enjoy it!


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